Poetry: Supatra Sen

Supatra Sen

May my words have the power to heal
The broken and bruised
To build hope 
In hearts groping in darkness
Those lost and wandering
Amidst noise and chaos
Those tired eyes 
Seeking rest and sleep

I write and re-write
Frame and dismantle
Tugging with words
Desperate …

The first rays glow on my pen
The leaves twirl and dance 
On the blank open pages
Sparrows and squirrels sing a chorus
A sudden wild gust scatters the papers 
My thoughts...
And my poetry 
Is Born…

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

A trip… a long trip
To distant lands
Of glittering peaks
Cascading waterfalls
Mysterious forests
I would sit in quiet
And scribble
And compose
There would be peace
And stillness
All that I have ever longed for

A sudden screech
And halt
Traffic to a stand still
Curious eyes 
Irritated tones
And there in the battering April sun
A silent procession
A protest against wars
Against oppression
Cruelty, senseless killing
By humans
For humanity

But I saw a mighty river
Flowing ceaselessly
The waves powerful
Yet silent
All engulfing…
The waters flowed on
To embrace an awaiting ocean
Of equality

Often trips become journeys
And sojourns voyages
My midsummer day’s dream
A vibrant pulsating throbbing
Some day
Some time

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