Carol Welter (Western Voices 2022)

Bio: Carol Welter is an actor, storyteller, and playwright. She is a two-time Kennedy Award nominee for Dramaturgy.  Carol is the author of stage productions About Clarence, Cranes and Who Is Phyllis Wheatly.  Currently Carol is expanding upon her prior education from Shakespeare Conservatory with the Clayton State University Theatre program. This also includes a discipline in Psychology, with an intention to merge the two studies, creating forums for Social Change and Intimacy Coaching. Carol will have three publications in circulation this year: PALAVA (a book of poems), MCGREGOR WOMEN (a book of short stories), and SO WHAT ABOUT CLARENCE (a book of stage plays). Carol enjoys storytelling to young people, sword fighting, gardening, walking in the woodlands and humour in every genre.    


Looking for a Brown Skin Boy



She ran away to Italy

In search of pigmentation

Bike speeding down from Switzerland

The white plains ripping by

To warmer lands the goal to find

For she was told in Sicily, a brown skinned boy was waiting

There on the shores of Sicily

The warm sand in her toes

The waves roared tall and formed a fog

Tunisia view is smeared

He stood there eagerly panting

Upon Tunisian shores

To glean the tip of Sicily

Is the brown girl on the shore?




Déjà vu



Soft silent silk crossing your skin

Exciting the hairs on your arms.


Moving into the senses

Flashes of colour on your horizon.


Journeys from a source

So familiar the yearning.


Responding to historical moments.


Creeping, reaching for where and when

Déjà vu.


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  1. Deeply moving poems! An amazing writer! I look forward to reading more of her work.


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