Akhmad Cahyo Setio

How I still have to count the numbers
The number between my long journeys
There are numbers of my life

A long journey across the shores of the ocean
The traces of travel that leave footprints
Two, the waves have returned their tracks to the good current

Between three and six there is four and five
Four is you who always paints rainbow colors on the ceiling for me
Fill every empty glass with your beautiful cool face
Knitting every thread until it becomes a comforter that hugs me
Now fulfill your promise to me
And hopefully the past I still send to you through the corners of my nights

And five is my other laugh, my other sad, my other happy
The one there I want to share about me
They are beautiful flowers that I strung, cheerful smiles that I frame
Let me keep it on the walls of my memories

These are the remaining six among the three long journeys
Let me recalculate about the time that has passed
Because there are still so many poems that I want to write
So many hopes I want to express
So many prayers that I want to say
So many faces I want to smile
Lord, please

About The Poet
Akhmad Cahyo Setio is a literary activists of Tanah Bumbu Indonesia. He had participated in various literary activities locally and internationally. His poem include to the locally and internationally poem anthology there are, Amaravati Poem Prism 2018 India, the best choice poem in international peom anthology “Just Love Me” in Nepal India 2019, in international Malays fertival Singapore 2018, international poem anthology of Palestine solidarity, in Malaysia 2018 and other have been publish with Indonesian author. Can be contacted on fb; Akhmad Cahyo Setio, email;

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