ASHAD: Amita Ray (Tagore Special)

Amita Ray

In the deep blue clouds of Ashad sky

There is no room for a wisp more

Oh dear, do not step out of house


Streams of rain drizzle down

The aus field is flooded to the brim

Look, darkness engulfs other side of river

With pitch black cloud.

Oh dear, do not step out of house


You can hear the cow’s frequent moos

Bring the white cow inside the shed.

Darkness will soon descend as day

tapers off.

Go, stand by the door and look out for

those out in the fields, if they are back.

Who knows where the cowherd is

The whole day in his own whims.

Darkness will soon descend as day

tapers off.

Ah hark! Someone is calling the boatman

To ferry him across the river


Ferry boats have stopped plying

            today dear.

 Wind blows in the East, not a soul by the riverside

The waves overflow the banks

Cascading water plunges in the water

Ringing a splash around.

Ferry boats have stopped plying

        today dear.


Oh dear do not step out,

Step out of house today.

The sky is gloomy, day is about

           to end.

In streaming shower clothing will drench,

 Road to the bank has turned slippery,

Yonder you can see the bamboo groves

 swaying by the roadside

Oh dear, do not go from the house

          out today.


(Translation of a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore which features in ‘KSANIKA’, one of his book of poems published in 1900)



Ashad: one of the Monsoon months in Bengal.

Aus: a variety of paddy.

Bio: AMITA RAY is former associate professor of English based in Kolkata. An academic of varied interests she is a Translator, Short Story writer and Poet. She has three volumes in Translations (one in collaboration) of noted Bengali authors  to her credit. She has published a collection of short stories titled TRAIL OF LOVE AND LONGINGS.

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