The Trees: Meghna Kaul

Meghna Kaul
The trees are standing in the courtyard
The warmth of winter sun glows the path
The saplings that shiver with wind in the yard

The sickly buds shivering in the cold swathe
Have a new lease of life as the ray of sun pass
The blackened bough now ready for ripeness to burst forth

The peasant who looked forlorn in the mass
With the huge haze that wrapped his field in shroud
Is joyous at tickling warmth as a dream drunken lass

The lamb in the valley bleat loud
The mild sun kisses the earth and she smiles
The gay buds, petals, leaves and bower bowed

To the majestic marvel that lingers in sky
And lends its grace from the heaven high

The plants that seemed withered with cool breeze
have a glow of fullness rushing, maturity to meet
the plump gourd and crimson strawberry seem to cease 
the senses with their tender hue and softness sweet
the green and ripe meet and mingle
the bulls with their jingling bells greet

the warm rays kiss the boys’ cheeks and tingle
as they run in field as if left loose
from the cool moist corner of their home on their feet nimble

the damsel intoxicated with sugarcane juice
are mad at the lads pushing past in haste
then burst in laughter that seduce

What mad frenzy the nature is surrounded with
The sparkling sun hides the star in noon beneath

The scarecrow stands staring while
the dormant crops shower in golden light
He chuckles quietly at nature’ guile

The bees buzz the cricket chirp in a row
Leaves rustle as wind sweeps the floor
The river gurgles, the cataract blow

The bells of bulls ring and tingle more
He bellows at heaven sending salute
to warm days ahead and tales of life 
and lore

As the sun goes and gentle wind pursuit
The crops thrive of imminent wealth
Warm days are ahead, plenty and pleasure suit

Happy days are here life is back
Spring has sneaked, slow and slack

Bio: Meghna is a teacher by profession, loves to read and write. She composes poems and writes short stories. She loves to write on nature and celebrates simplicity of life. She has written reports and articles for TOI. She is currently residing in Lucknow.


  1. Good treat for viewers

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  3. Visual treat to the eyes and soothing to the senses.keep it up..


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