Poetry: Sayan Mukherjee

Sayan Mukherjee

There is no peace
for a human not
here on earth,
to fight till death
and to fight alone
we were given
we either fight
and stand at least
having won the day,
Or we can waste,
lazy, in shame
and then die anyway,
But the death will
not be the same,
some will have their
heads bowed,
and some defying
laws, will have
cause to die proud.

The Madman

Maybe a man, then do i not feel ?
The pangs of love or the burden of shame,
if that burden was not mine to carry,
am i a man ?
Even a child or a woman is allowed
to falter and cry
but in the midst of hell and norms
why can't i ?
To feel as but a human feels sad,
i am slighted and called mad.
The mighty Achilles ever more man than me,
from whose rage gods tend to flee,
was allowed still to regret,
why shall i be deprived to bear equal weight?

I Walk

My reason to fight
is not to wound
but only to stand
and i find no space ;
I do not ask you
to tie my shoelace,
nor clean my shoes,
i will wear them
weary and torn
if i must, without luck
i only ask I'm allowed to
I can withstand gravels
and hated thorns,
I only ask I'm allowed
to walk.
if not once, I'll a
thousand times fall,
but I'll walk, and not

Bio: My name is Sayan Mukherjee, a student of B. K. C. College, Semester 6, and my one great passion is dedicating my myself to poetry.

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