Poetry: Arthur Broomfield

Arthur Broomfield
Dr Arthur Broomfield is a poet, short story writer, essayist and Beckett scholar from County Laois, Ireland.

One of the two things I think I know about Quantum Physics
Does It, that’s beyond the ignorant dead,
scheme to subdue the dun earth, its stock,
with its tapes and flags,
its clock’s invasive tock?

Is It beyond the fishnet moon,
the sin stiff sun, the thorns
that pierce the morning’s skin
and draw blood from the new-born,

beyond the stench of cess,
the convenience funeral home;
the skystars that pass
in the first rays of the soul
to the everywhere tomb?

Beyond the fear of toads, of frogs,
of girls dancing at crossroads,
is It aloof to the warring mice in the morgue?


and The Count prowls
in the mirror of the lover’s moon.
Blood sours in the Arctic urn,
spills to the strokes of snow 
falling on midnight leaves.

This is the cavern club
of the Uilleann piper,
here a dirge does salve
to the singing dead.

Yet, in late September,
when the sun is buried
behind the humps of the Slieve Blooms,
and the risen frost twinkles,
he plays the Moonlight Sonata,
gazes to Venus and Orion’s Belt.

Bio: Dr Arthur Broomfield is a poet, short story writer, and Beckett Scholar from County Laois, Ireland. He is the current Poetry Ireland Poet Laureate for Mountmellick. His works have been published in Irish, UK, Indian, Argentinian and US journals. His recent best-selling collection, Ireland Calling, is available from the author.

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