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Sunil Sharma
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This package contains these defining elements in a single canvas.

This month’s special edition is on the broad theme of freedom and explores the power of the visual medium in its full spectrum and entirety.

Ably supported by high-profile visual artists, guest-edited by the eminent artist-poet Jerome Berglund, the gallery of the works of the featured 10 creatives is sheer delight for the eyes and mind of the viewer.

We are thankful to them and the guest-editor for such an imaginative presentation and an exposition of each work and its author that almost borders on the lyrical and picturesque that only Jerome with a photographic gaze and memory could do.

It adds to the value of the monthly journal in terms of artistry and its sensuous appeal.

Visual arts get their due exposure on this global platform.

Another highlight: It is translation heavy.

Representing languages and cultural experiences made familiar through the art of translation, a tough discipline, demanding but satisfying pursuit.

A great service in creating conversations across multiple cultures.

Texts in Swedish, Hindi and Albanian rendered in fluent English by the experts, poets by heart that reveal realms glimpsed by their creators in prose and poetry forms.

Translation has, of late, emerged as a major area of literary studies and academic discourse.

And deserves respect and attention as a separate field.

And a vital link between languages and literary writings rooted in different geographies and landscapes for consumers looking for new experiences.

Setu’s focus is to act as a bridge and translation helps erect such bridges of understanding between nations and peoples through arts.

We will be investing in this area in coming months as well.

Senior editor Rob Maddox-Harle recently published his much-anticipated collection of experimental poetry with images, called: The Blazing Furnace. Congratulations to Rob for this spectacular milestone. Over a decade, he has built a dedicated fan following and a loyal base in India and Australia for his unifying people’s projects and allied collaborations.

Setu is proud to carry some interesting poems selected by the reputed poet himself for our readers.

Cool stuff there!

J.D.Nelson, another important name, sends us his famous haikus and Paul Brookes, a poet-editor-blogger of repute, writes poems in three different poetic traditions: an Acrostic, a villanelle, and a Sestina. In an accompanying video, Paul recites these for the Setu audiences.

Kushal Poddar is Author of the Month, a well-earned spot for the poet and journalist liked for his distinct voice.

Young and established poets, authors and critics bring in their distinct flavours, along with reviews of books making waves.

And much more.

Please enjoy the selection of the best.

Thanks all.

Keep reading!
Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu (English)
Toronto, Canada

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