Poetry: Robert Maddox-Harle

Robert Maddox-Harle

Robert Maddox-Harle: Four poems, with a musical theme, from my latest book of poetry: 

The Blazing Furnace
an eclectic collection of experimental poems with images
2022 Cyberwit.net
ISBN: 978-93-90601-57-8

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Sand Dunes At Dusk


the sand dunes - still warm

surround me as the sun departs,

each rippling ridge receding

receding,           receding,            receding

disappearing in the salty saffron haze.


relentlessly the waves crash,

then swirl and whoosh towards me

swirling-whooshing, swirling-whooshing, swirling-whooshing,

crash-swirl-whoosh, crash-swirl-whoosh, crash-swirl-whoosh.


incessant screeching of gleaming white gulls

competing with the waves crashing-swirling-whooshing

create a counterpoint cacophony

ever rising, surging, silvering

screeching, swirling, crashing, receding.

then the crashing, whooshing, swirling starts again

crash-swirl-whoosh, crash-swirl-whoosh, crash-swirl-whoosh.


a mysterious moon, rising ever so slowly

slowly,        slowly,            slowly

rising slowly,        rising slowly,          rising slowly

casts silvery shadows

dancing fluorescent, iridescent, hauntingly

dancing on the silvery, swirling, crashing

Crashing -  Crashing  - Crashing

the crashing haunts me, haunts me, haunts me
as the darkness descends

and steals my eyes away.


This poem was inspired by Philip Glass’s “Glassworks” composition.




Allegro Vivace


adventures come and go

days fly by in a mesmerising hurtle,

nail it down

slow it down

the race to death is too hectic.


seems like yesterday

fixing dad’s vintage Victor mower,

sixty five years have slipped by

days crossed off the calendar

a calendar of unknown finitude,

a pile of days dissolved like morning mist,

constant battles against unnecessary angst

have etched their marks too deep.


family ties both East and West

the tyranny of distance hard

but still we made the effort,

now all but two are gone

one East and one out distant West,

different oceans different shores apart.


Dvorak dissolves my largo introspection

throwing me to the floor in rapture,

Adagio - Allegro Molto


Molto vivace


“New World’ in E Minor roars,

roaring, dipping, diving

a cascading avalanche of orchestral bliss

testing the glass of old windows,


Tempo Di Valse



“Finale” - Allegro Vivace,

and now I am young again.





Glass Progressions


attenuate >>>> attenuate >>>> attenuate

silence …. loud …. silence


louder >>>> louder >>>> louder


shrill-stop < >  shrill-stop < > shrill-stop

densely packed hard sonorities

accelerando >>>> accelerando >>>> accelerando


unstoppable linear progressions

unstoppable …. unstoppable

accelerandro >>>> accelerando >>>> accelerando

imminent climax < > denial …. imminent climax < > denial

gradually slowing

adagio >>>> adagio >>>> adagio


hypnotic-deep .... hypnotic-deep .... hypnotic-deep


trance-murmur .... trance-murmur .... trance-murmur

hush .... hush .... hush

euphoria …. flowing …. euphoria

onward …. onward …. onward


Inspired by: “Glassworks” -  Philip Glass 1982




Stockhausen’s Revenge


soft shrills / echo / reverb
reverb / reverb / reverb
industrial / techno / whistle
shrill and brutal
bang / crash
build to crash / shrill whistle
soft distant build / fade
build / fade
crash / violent / menacing
frightening old house eerie
mechanical insects
incessant, eating the night
then quiet
fade to black.


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