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Renu Gupta
For My Granddaughter

Three years ago, she was a kid…

Delighting at the sights of colours around,

Enjoying the rhymes of CocoMelon and Pogo,

Playing with me “I spy with my little eyes...”,

Showcasing tricks with her toy magic box.


Today, she is, as she says "two digits old".

Leaving her earlier pranks behind, she loves now to…

Bind over family chats and games,

Coach me to hip-hop, and swim in the pool,

Guide me to breathe in calm and joy,

Teach me to defend the choices made.


She fills my heart with joyful pride at my learning new ways and living my childhood once again!!!


Recollecting and Reliving Childhood at Sixty-two

Traveling back to my childhood in 1960s, I watch myself...

Reading Chanda mama, Champak in the company of friends in the children's library

Watching much awaited Chitrahaar and weekly film on the Black and white TV

Playing Stapu, pithu garam and hide n seek in the evening street

Rushing to the rooftop to watch a flying plane against the distant sky

Gulping down mangoes, rajmah chawal with glassfuls of chaati ki lassi

Giggling around in the jovial company of cousins during summer vacations.


Much water has flowed through the Ganga since then, and now in 2020s my grandkids...

Enjoy more the virtual world of CocoMelon and Miraculous

Relish more the pizzas, burgers and brownies

Play and frolic more within walls of the home!!

But, then the Ganga keeps on flowing... ...


Bio Note: Dr Renu Gupta

Dr. Renu Gupta is a retired Associate Professor from the Postgraduate Department of English, DAV College, Jalandhar (India). With a PhD on the novels of Namita Gokhale with reference to Body Studies, she takes interest in immigrant studies and Indian epics. She has to her credit several research articles, book reviews, and poems in journals/anthologies of repute, and presentations in conferences and workshops in India/abroad. A founder member and General Secretary of LITSPARK (a literary forum), she is also active in community welfare activities related to women and children. (


  1. memory lane going parallel to the contemporary lane!
    Great endeavor!

  2. Times change, childhood remains same. Wonderful journey to your childhood, thanks for the ride!! 💐☺️

  3. Times change , childhood remains same. Thanks for the lovely ride to your childhood!

  4. Reading takes me to my childhood. Tye childhood imagery is really reminiscent.

  5. Thanks for the ride to your childhood. It seems times change but childhood doesn’t .

  6. Very interesting account of a grandmother's experience with growing grandkids. Grandchildren are a sight to behold as kids and it's blissful to watch them grow. It does bring back our childhood memories. As their entertainment is mostly indoor modren toys, they are amazed on learning the rustic games we indulged in our childhood days.

    1. Thanks for your observations ji

    2. Thanks for your observations


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