New Setu Books: Singing Bowl and Bathtub Poems

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Thank you all for helping Setu hit 3,463,201 mark. I'd like to share another great news with you. After a short break, Setu Publication is back with two poetry collections in English and an audio book in Hindi.

Bathtub Poems: drum beats on a typewriter
 is a collection of poetry 
by well known American poet Jerome Berglund. Seasonal haiku, tanka and short poems exploring nature subjects and tableau within the thriving metropolitan context of Minneapolis, as springboards toward reflection and meditating upon certain agonizing events grappled with at the time of their composition or shortly previous. Including pieces published in many prestigious magazines and literary journals, Bathtub Poems is a comeback story of sorts, about the importance of retaining hope, how integral friends and family, faith and community can be when overcoming adversity, amidst life's many upsets and struggles. 87 pages in length with 1-3 poems on each page (32 of which have been previously printed, in 20 different prestigious journals and magazines including Asahi Shimbun, Bear Creek Haiku, Better Than Starbucks, Fresh Out, Haiku Dialogue, Zen Space) this is Berglund's first full-length collection to be released through a press.

Ajanta Paul
, a poet from India authored
From the Singing Bowl of the Soul: Fifty Poems, which is a volume of reflections on a myriad facets of life as they appear to the poet in fleeting glimpses or more sustained visions. These epiphanies (elliptical or extended as the case may be) emanate, for the most part from intuitive apprehensions or sensory perceptions, proceeding sometimes from the most mundane observations to unexpected discoveries. The speaker’s voice, often ironical, at times exasperated, though sometimes invested with a suppressed wonder is rarely effusive. While this collection has poems on time, art, changing relationships, love, loss, death and renewal it also carries oblique political and ideological conversations on national identity, forced immigration and the effects of colonial rule among other expressions of social consciousness. The book, on the whole, is expected to appeal to the general reader as well as the lover of poetry.

Anurag Sharma
's Hindi Sci-Fi novella
'Adhi Sadi ka Qissa' (aka Half Century) is a futuristic tale that shows us how technology can solve most fo our current issues while opening new windows as well as creating new challenges before the most intelligent yet sensitive species. A short, quick, exciting thriller will not only entertain you, it will make you to rethink about the future that is ahead of us. It is available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon, as well as an hour-long audiobook on Audible in voices of Pooja Anil from Madrid and Anurag Sharma  from Pittsburgh. I am sure you enjoy good literature. Thank you for supporting and promoting it. 

Please ckeck here for information on more books from Setu Publicaton:

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