Ms. Magie Faure-Vidot Vijay-Kumar, author in three national languages, French, English and Creol.37 literary anthologies, numerous global awards, PEACOCK OPINION, CEASAR VALLEJO, is the Chief Editor/Director of Publication SIPAY Global Literary Journal. She holds high positions in MS, WNWU and UHE for SE Africa/Asia/Seychelles. Seychelles Arts Ards 2017/2019, 6 silver, various bronze, medals and a lyre d’honneur, Cup of Paris/Jacques Chirac/L’Institut Academique de Paris. She has attended conferences in many countries, published in numerous international journals and has appeared in a BBC.UK interview in 2020. (BBC.UK/2020 Faure-Vidot) 


Am I a spirit wandering in the dense forest
Or, am I a bird without a home
Am I an old nun at rest
Or am I a flag, fixed on a high pole
Am I the mountains overlooking the city
Or am I the ocean surrounding the world

I believe myself an orphan
Without a home to stay 
Walking from door to door
Begging some food each day
In return I play my mouth organ
So I might get some more

On the narrow path I stroll my way
Night ends and soon comes day
I meet a parish priest
Who is back from the village feast
I ask him who am I
He stares at a me with a sigh

Now I really know who I am
If anyone wishes to know who am I
I am a poor lonesome traveller
Going all round the four corners
Seekingh happiness and joy
Looking for a place, where I can settle

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