Poetry: Walid Abdallah

Walid Abdallah
A candle in the wind

I am a candle in the wind
dancing happily, I pretend

I am always deep under pressure
Suffering from stress with no measure

In silence I always burn
How to survive I should learn

I always live to end others' night
They think it's my duty and their right

Nobody cares how I feel
Or cools my wounds that never heal

No dream in my life comes true
Because of winds that always blow

I burn for others' happiness
I only get their carelessness

I don't know for how long I should burn
For those who never care or concern

I gradually vanish for their sake
they squeeze my hear and break

I really can't stand for long
To a place I never belong

I lost the love of my life as a whole
In a world with no substitute at all

She couldn't stand in the wind with me
Left me in the storm and decided to flee

She took all the sense of life away 
And left me in the wind lost and astray

I am half alive and half dead
I can't bear what she just said

She left and took my heart with her
She never knew how much I care

We become strangers again
As she couldn't bear the pain

I am a candle in the wind
Only sad sighs I can send


You have become my addiction
Much better than any prediction

My day is never complete without you
You're the dream my heart aspires to draw

My day never starts without seeing your face
Your heart has become my only place

I can't resist the magic in your eyes
My love for you is an ocean that never dries

Your smile relieves all my pains
My heart is thirsty waiting for your rains

Your voice has become my favorite music
My love for you excelled any kind of logic

You have become the only dream I aspire to
My happiness has personified into you

Into your eyes I easily get lost
Your hug has become my only host

Forever is never enough to love my rose
Your love is the only thing I am afraid to lose

Come closer darling, you're my addiction
I need your hug, I need my injection


Come to love you for a night
Telling you everything right

Come to greet you with a kiss
Which a thousand articles fail to express

Come to hug you like a child
And lighten the burden you hide

Come to die in you to survive 
At a point where fancy can never arrive

Come to love you for once and make you my poem
Where separation will never bloom

Each Time

Each time I see you 
I fall for you

How many hearts should I possess?
To explain my love to you and express

Each time I see you before my eyes
I love you again, ask my hear it never lies

I have only one heart to fall for you
You have the heartbeats that flow

You make my day night and my night day
I mean every and each word I say

You deserve the love of the whole universe
You deserve every emotion and feeling I possess

I spent all my life before you in vain 
I wasted it in wandering bearing my pain

You appeared like a clear sky
Eliminated each pain and cry

You relieved all the pains I once felt
Only for you my heart and soul melt

Each time I see you
My heart shouts "I love you"

My heart

My heart is forever young
A divine hymn to be sung

I love everyone and always forgive
As twice as I take, I always give

I try to be nice as possible as I can
Of peace and love I am a great fan

Life is short to waste in hate
Let tolerance be our only fate

Love people and nature around
Only the base of justice we must found

Leave good mark on each heart you meet
Let your nice memory your main good feat

Whenever you go spread love and affection
Be much nicer than people's prediction

Treat everyone equally be always fair
Show everyone your respect and care

Being respectful is something you never regret
You will be rewarded more than you expect

We are on earth to make it a paradise
Listen to me and follow my advice

Dream big and complain less
Sadness never lasts and neither does happiness

Think positively and always be optimistic
You cannot change your fate by being pessimistic

Let live, love, and learn your goal
Carve them deep in your soul

The heart that does not know envy lives longer
It has better destiny and grows stronger

My heart is forever young
A divine hymn to be sung

I need you

I need your eyes to see my way
I need your smile to make my day

I need your love to live my life
I need your heart to forget strife

I need your soul to have a being
I need your mind to appreciate my feeling

I need you by my side
I need you in my heart to reside

I need you my angel and Princess
I need you to give me eternal happiness

I need you my dear forever
Promise not to leave me, never

I will be always there

I will be always there for you
With much love that will always flow

When life is hard and really tough
I will give you support that is enough

Whenever you want to cry
I will be there your sigh

Whenever you want to fly 
I will be always there your sky

Wherever you go on this earth
I will be always there your breath

When you feel lonely and under pressure
I will be always your happiness treasure

Whenever you walk in the night
I will be always there your light

Whenever you are afraid of the vast space
My heart will be always there your place

When you are down and need support
I will be always there your life port

When you are happy and excited
For your happiness I will be delighted

Whenever you want to talk and speak
I will be always your back that won't break

Whenever you close your eyes
I will be always there your warm sighs

Wherever and whenever you go
I will be always there for you


I am the lion and this is my land
Everything kneels with one move of my hand

I have all the strength and power
I defeat any opponent in less than an hour

I wander about the whole earth 
I never suffer from any kind of dearth

In front of me, everything kneels
I am the fear any creature feels

Despite my power, sometimes I feel weak
In your arms I don't fear to break

When I am in the sadness state
You are  my only soulmate

I am not afraid to feel weak in your arms
You are always the only heart that never harms

I always run for you to feel secure
In your hug I find true love so pure

Whenever I don't need anyone
You're always there my only sun

In your presence, I never feel lonely
My heart always needs your love truly

In front of my queen, I feel helpless
My love all the words fail to express

My lioness, you are the only army I own
You are the crown on my head and my throne

Only in your arms I find my rest 
I forget I am the king of the forest


I always feel lonely 
I do everything solely

In silence I always suffer
I shed tears like a river

No body is near to feel
Only to my pains I kneel

Life goes around and around
Only high fences people found

I wander about the earth to get lost
Into a deep tender heart to host

In this life I feel deeply strange
People aren't stable, they change

Although people are around
I see them but hear no sound

I see people like unseen ghosts 
Only bitter tears my heart hosts

I was born to be lonely on this land
With no body close to understand

I am a weeping moon in vast space
Missing a warm hug to embrace

Stars sparkle around without any care
Leaving the moon with pains to bear

The moon has a dark and bright side
But its pains are always there in tide

The moon leads a life to please others
In a field of pains my heart gathers

The moon is always there in the sky
Lightening the earth hiding  its cry

When time comes and people feel its pain
And finds understanding heart to explain

I dream not to feel lonely anymore
And feel happiness I never tasted before

Will that day come soon
And that night becomes noon?

On our first date!

On our first date
I race the time, can't wait

I have a new feeling, a bit strange
offering you eternal love that will never change

You are the love I have always been looking for
You are the true love I have never felt before

In front of your eyes, I am speechless
Listen to my heartbeats as words can't express

When reality has become better than fiction
And you are far more beautiful than every prediction

A princess straight from heaven you really are
I am holding a dream I have always thought very far

I am enthralled by your eyes and their magic
A time when I lose all my reason and logic

I drown into the deep sea of your eyes
Believe your heart, it never lies

You have become all the people I'd like to know
You are the secret of my happiness, you are the clue

Let's start our love journey at forever
A journey of love that ends at never

You grow a rosy flower in my heart that never withers
You gave my hearts wings and feathers

I no longer live on earth
You gave me a love knows no death

I give you a promise that will never break
I am yours forever, I will always be there for your sake

My eyes no longer see but you
Only you paint my life and draw

Every new year and I am yours and you are mine
Every new year and we are lovers' model and sign

Every new year and I love you again and again
Every new year and we are in love and will always remain

Every new year and you are all my flowers and trees
Every new year and you are all the air I breathe

Every new year and we are together
Every new year and we belong to each other

Rose Birthday

To the rose of my life, happy birthday
For you I always supplicate and pray

Your birthday is the beginning of my life as well
I dream about you since in your love I fell

On my heart wall I feel your handprint
You deserve all the heartbeats I have sent

On your day I announce you the queen of my soul
In your love I am always ready to fall

I burn my soul a candle to lighten 
your way
I present my heart cake to celebrate your day

On your day you are the wish I always make
I am ready to cross the ocean for your sake

Let the earth celebrate the rose of may
Let the trees and leaves with the wind play

Let birds start singing to celebrate your birth
Let's welcome the sun that lightens the earth

When you smile you eliminate all the pain
My heart is always thirsty for your rain

When you make a wish and close your eyes
Remember my love is immortal, it never dies

On your day I am sending my soul watching you from above
On your day I am sending you all my heart and all my love


I have found my home, my sky
I long to hug you and fly so high

Your touch pushes life into my veins
You remove all my worries and pains

I began to feel alive again
You gave me love that words fail to explain

Looking at you is my absolute pleasure
Your love has become my sole treasure

When we are together, time flies
My love is an ocean that never dries

That ocean is so deep with no shore 
Created to love you more and more

When I see you, I see heaven on earth
Finding you is my new being, my new birth

I dream of hugging you so tight
You're the moon that illuminates my night

Your love is deep-rooted in my heart
Designed to last and never depart

I fell for the magic in your eyes
My love is eternal and never dies

Your smile makes my day 
I chose your love to be my way

My sky has become so close now
I don't know when this happened or how

The Garden of my Love 

You are the garden of love I have dreamed about
You are the secret of happiness without any doubt

You are my trees, flowers and butterflies
You are the river of life that never dries

You are my birds that fill life with singing
You are my heartbeats that never stop ringing

I need to spend the rest of my life in your shade
I need to enjoy your true love that will never fade

Between your branches I found true love
On your trees tops I saw rare birds above

You are my love garden on earth 
Your Flowers give me a new birth

Your lovely scents give me the air I breathe
In your cool shade I enjoy the lovely breeze

Whenever I close my eyes
I feel your love and warm sighs

Away from my garden I feel lost
Your heart is always the best host

My love garden is a beautiful Rose
I will live there forever, I suppose


I am going to travel chasing my dream
Crossing every ocean, sea and stream

I am determined to achieve every goal
I am going to stand up every time I fall

My heart refuses to settle down on earth
With every travel I make I get a new birth

My wings are born to flutter so high
My feathers promise to visit every sky

I never get tired, I never get old 
I pursue every dream I once called

On every land I leave a deep mark
In the vast space I am a singing lark

My sun always sets to rise fully again
Spreading warmth, eliminating every pain

Life is too short to waste in one land
I travel to touch each grain of sand

Travel never stops teaching
Life never stops preaching

Every new land has its own magic
Charming beauty sweeps every logic

I was born a pharaoh to master the whole earth
Everlasting traveler since my ancestors’ birth

Bio: Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes "Go Ye Moon", “The Queen of my Heart”, " Dream" and "My Heart Oasis". His books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, The Egyptian Lane and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation, Arc and Seam and his co-translations with Andy Fogle of Farouk Goweda’s poetry have previously appeared in Image, RHINO, Reunion: Dallas Review, and Los Angeles Review. These translations won prestigious prizes in the USA like "Cause", "Egypt's Grief", and "Strangers' Cross". 

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