Seema Jain
Prof. Seema Jain is a bilingual poet, translator, editor, Ex-Head, English Dept KMV Jalandhar. Recipient of many prestigious awards, she has twelve published books (English and Hindi poems, edited books, translated poems, translated novels and edited poetry anthologies -- two for Sahitya Akademi). Her poems are globally published in about 100 Anthologies, recited for Sahitya Akademi, at poetry conclaves, and are housed at Stanford University’s digital archives. She is on various literary bodies globally.


Hidden in the secret crevices of the heart,
There is a wanderer always ready to depart!
The mundane affairs of a humdrum life
Might submerge its existence in times of strife

But like a naughty child on a mischief spree
At the slightest opportunity, it dances in glee
Whether at a glimpse of the snowclad mountain peaks
Or the inscrutable patterns of clouds' velvety streaks

The multi-hued flowers in a garden in spring
And the butterflies for their nectar endlessly flitting
The green grassy carpet, the trees with their succulent fruit
Connect the wandering heart to their magical treat

The vastness of the ocean, its limitless expanse and depth
Teeming with millions of species makes me hold my breath
The panorama of cities, villages, towns in different continents
And their divergent peoples, relics and monuments beckon me to them.

The insatiable wanderlust seems to grow more and more
As I embark on my wanderings to tirelessly explore
And I thank God for creating such a beautiful world
And salute man for inventing means to traverse the entire earth.

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