Swapna Behera
Ms. Swapna Behera is a trilingual poet, translator and editor, and author of seven books of different genres including one on children's literature on Environment. She is a recipient of International UGADI AWARD 2019, Gujurat Sahitya Akademi Award-2022 & 2021, International Poesis Award of Honor as Jury, Pentasi B World Fellow Poet, Honoured Poet of India Award from the Seychelles Government and International awards from Algeria, Morocco, Kajhakhstan, Egypt and Argentina. Her poem A NIGHT IN THE REFUGEE CAMP is translated into 67 languages.


When your lucrative smile
dazzles on the gypsy grass
being a dot ;
I wait for dawn
you descend 
with bulletins of enigmatic draft 
tinkles your benign audacity
my being dances in the tune 
dew drops of eternity 
proceed towards my soul
This collaboration paints 
the eighth colour of the rainbow
and sings the Anthem of ecstasy
I feel your arms around me 
the dot extends
to be your circle 
 climax echoes in the ether
I wait to surrender my solitude 
and join the perennial stream 
 you open 
my nose stud
I become 
your bride for ever ...

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