Poetry: Dominik Slusarczyk

Dominik Slusarczyk
Pencil case

I misplaced my pencil case;
I have no pencils now.
How do I
Write down the
Lesson the teacher is
Guessing about?
Will you lend me
A nice new weapon?
We need to
Make school fun because
School is not fun and
We are all children.


They claim they are kings.
I see no crown.
Let’s chuck them in the river.

Fake friends

Do you like your fake friends?
Do you like it when they
Say you are perfect even though
Everyone knows you aren’t even particular?
Do their lies keep you warm at night?
You would let them call you queen.
Do not let them inside your mind:
They will muddy your carpets and
Shatter your glass.


I like it but
It does not like me;
We will surely be forced to battle.
I will hit it and
It will hit me.
Can anyone possibly win or
Are we both doomed to lose?
Fight, child.
Accept the pain.
Bleed for fame.
Force the children to chant your name.


We change into blue.
You say you’ve always
Dreamed of being green.
We change into green.
You say this is not
Like I imagined it would be.
We change into red.
You shake your head.
You say
Maybe we should
Abandon fashion.
I say
You are a nuisance but
You are my nuisance.

Dominik Slusarczyk is an artist who makes everything from music to painting. He was educated at The University of Nottingham where he got a degree in biochemistry. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines including ‘Fresh Words’, ‘Berlin Lit, and ‘Home Planet News’.

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