Three Books, Three Authors, Three Guest-Edited Sections

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The nature is playing with colors currently. Autumn is here in the northern hemisphere and I believe, the spring is already there in southern hemisphere. While US children are excited about the Halloween, India is celebrating the "Ancestor's' Fortnight" (Pitr Paksha in Indic languages). Different cultures, various colors, different languages, all interacting with each other with your help through bridges like Setu, that is able to perform its role with your help. Thank you!

A journy that started with a humble beginning of two monthly journals of art and literature resisted publishing of books for some time. Still considering ourselves as a 'reluctant publishing house', we have indeed published 36 books in Hindi, English, and a few other Indic languages so far. Of course, our resources are thin, and we don't charge any fees for the books, we take all necessary steps to ensure high quality at every stage of production. The books published by Setu are available globally on Amazon network.
Setu family is proud to present three new paperback books recently published by us. The Kindle ebook editions of the same will be made available soon. Please join me in congratulating Preethi Govindaraj, John Thieme, and Sunil Sharma.

Thoughts Themes and Images
Preethi Govindaraj

This is a collection of poems written by Preethi Govindaraj. Preethi’s poems cover a range of ideas, deeply personal emotions, random musings, and insightful commentary on social and current-day issues, some of which are reflected in the accompanying paintings. The collection of more than one hundred and fifty poems reflects the depth and range of her poetic mind and imagination.

The book is full of surprises – love, suffering, chuckles, serious social commentary are brought together like a quintessential Indian curry. Preethi’s poems examine the mundane and the sublime with equal honesty, sincerity, and zeal. Something in this potpourri of reflections on family, festivals, relationships, nature and the changing seasons, and serious social issues should appeal to every poetry lover.

Digitalis and Other Poems
John Thiem

This collection by John Thieme brings together a series of individual poems, which for the most part are not closely connected, and ‘Massiah’, a sequence of verse narratives told in a Guyanese barber shop, where there is continuity from one to the next. Some of the individual poems were written in response to invitations for submissions on particular subjects. These include three on war and peace and five short pieces written during the time of the pandemic, but the remainder are more scattered in theme, tone and form.


What trees tell the mortals
Sunil Sharma

In this new poetry collection, Sunil Sharma aptly describes the intersection where two worlds converge as the majestic wonders of nature become artificially entwined ever more tightly with modern civilization. These dualistic energies are keenly observed when Sharma points to a scene of children playing innocently in the snow as the adults around them have their attention sucked into smartphones. Whether these Toronto-based reflections are illustrating trails that cut through the wintry woods, flocks of geese soaring overhead, theatric pulses of a cosmic skyline, the symphonic sounds of night’s harmonic song, or skeletal trees that have shed their leaves for the season, we are guided on a journey being told through the lens of a contemplative pagan who longs for a restoration of peace and balance upon the earth.

Not just three new books, this issue of Setu has three special guest-edited supplements too, which are listed below:
Enjoy the books, September 2023 issue and the three supplements.

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Setu, Pittsburgh

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