Seamus Fox (British Working Class Poetry)

Séamus Fox (He/Him) was born in Ardoyne, Belfast and brought up in Craigavon, Co Armagh. Craigavon is his hometown. He has been writing since the mid eighties when he started writing Hip Hop lyrics. Some years later he started writing poetry and eventually combined the two disciplines to began doing Spoken Word. He has published two books of poetry As Seen Trough Staggered Eyes (Wild Wind Books) 2010 and No Homeless Problem and other Poems (Arkbound) 2018. He also won the All Ireland Poetry Slam in 2009. He was very active in Belfast between 2007 and 2015. He has been concentrating on mostly writing books in the last decade but since moving to the South Coast in the summer of 2022 he has resumed Spoken Word after an 8 year hiatus. He is the deputy retail and operations manager at Sussex Emmaus based at Portslade. Emmaus houses and supports people who have formerly been homeless. He is currently working on a series of novels as well as new performance pieces and he regularly indulges in spoken word around Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing and other gigs mainly on the South Coast.


The Cool Muslim

She was the

coolest Muslim

I have ever seen.

She sat at a bus stop

with her little baby in

his pram facing her,

her left arm was

up on the handle

of the buggy like

she was leaning out

a low rider window.

Her foot was up on the

wheel slowly tapping

the air like she was

just chillin’ there in

imaginary rhythms.

As I got closer again

I noticed she was talking

and when I passed them

I realized that her phone

was tucked inside her

headscarf and she was

casually hands free.

She had her little babies

toy in her right hand

and she was shaking it

at him and he was

giggling and she was

giggling and she was

chewing gum and chatting,

relaxed and nonchalantly

and just being way

cooler than anyone who

had ever been cool.


New Tears

I was 12 and I was just coming in from school my Mother was 50. She was standing looking pensively out the window, nervously smoking a cigarette. I stood at the other side of the room against the door frame looking over at her. Waiting for something. We were in the middle of moving. The living room was empty, carpet had just been laid that morning and we were expecting furniture deliveries in the coming days, we had just left my father. Mum turned to me and started talking really fast, she was verbalising a mental list of things that we needed to do to get our new house ready. I didn't feel like I needed to do anything, I felt helpless. She suddenly broke part way through a sentence and began crying with an intensity that I had never before seen. Then she slowly sank down into a hunkered position, sliding against the wall and immediately started taking tissues from her pockets to try and disguise the fact that she was in tears. I went over to her and put my hand gently on her neck and as I stared blankly out the window, with a big lump in my throat I said “It's alright Mummy, you can cry now.”


A soul

No one has ever

seen a soul.

What does one

look like?

Would it be a

white hovering


Would it be

an iridescent,


ball of sparks?

No one’s seen

one so no one


Maybe there is

only one soul.

It could be


or it could be the

Universe and

we’re in it…

or a Planet and

we’re on it.

No one has ever

seen one because

some things can

only be felt.

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