Snigdha Agrawal (Towards Visibility)

Snigdha Agrawal



First denial…NO! NO! NO!

Second…shame associated with it

Third…social withdrawal

Last…awareness and acceptance

Turning a disadvantage into an advantage


It started in her mid-forties

Asking the caller to speak up, every time the phone rang

Then having to deal with frowns on faces, for no known reasons

“Excuse me, could you please repeat”

Creeping more and more into conversations


Holy smokes! The mutated gene from the maternal side

chose unwisely to pass on to her

as hearing progressively declined

perforce having to wear jewellery prescribed,

not so lovely, inviting looks of misplaced concern


Fear of being ridiculed; silence the only route

Turned her more and more into a recluse

Shunning interacting with others

Save and except with close family members

A way of life accepted and preferred


Then it dawned, on how lucky she was

Controlling the panels of noise pollution

with merely a flick of her finger

thus, finding an oasis of silence amid chaos

Ah! Truly, a blessing in disguise



NAMING NAMES (couplets 8 syllables)


‘Jack of all trades, master of none!’

That’s what she was called out of fun


She resolved to prove them all wrong

Chose a path where she would belong


Took to writing, her childhood dream

Words that would heal; letting off steam


They said it would not earn her bread

So, what!  Into the unknown tread


Many misses, no hits to claim

Her decision; no one to blame


Through the dark, gaping open door

Stepped with confidence to explore


Certainly, all voids would be filled

Once the din around her was stilled


She couldn't take their phoniness

Stayed happy in her loneliness


Now aged, stickered as ‘scatterbrained’

Let them say.  She remains self-contained


Enigma always and remains

Refuses to be bound by chains


FAIR AND LOVELY (Tanka chain)


Clouds obscure as she

writes about her thoughts and dreams

her heart cannot hide

told to scrub and scrub her skin

darkened sky of blackened silk


She longs to be ‘she’

gliding through oceans and seas

breathing in and out

like a mermaid might without

scrutiny from colour biased


Fair and Lovely cream

claimed to brighten up the skin

fails to deliver

peaches and pink complexion

desirous for would-be brides


An obsessive world

she finds herself cast aside

like a rusted nail

washed by rain; catches the eyes

in a white-washed world


Snigdha Agrawal (nee Banerjee) is Bengali born, raised in a cosmopolitan environment and educated in Loreto Institutions with exposure to the Eastern and Western cultures, imbibing the best of both worlds.  She has an MBA in marketing (from IGNOU) and with more than two decades of experience working in the corporate sector, her outlook on life is balanced, which reflects in her writings. A versatile writer, she writes all genres of poetry, prose, short stories, travelogues, and hotel/restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor, under the pen name ‘puchka’.  She is a regular contributor to anthologies/online magazines, published in India and from overseas.  A published author of four books, the latest titled TRAIL MIX, is a book of short stories for all mindsets. The book is available on Amazon. An intrepid traveller, her travel diaries can be accessed in word press blog: randomramblings52.  She lives in Bangalore (Karnataka), India. 

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