Art (Carl Scharwath) & Poetry (Suchismita Ghoshal)

Flamboyance of Life

The long, luscious waves
Coming back and forth
Pushing the fragrance 
Of a rejuvenating today.
Oblivious to the onlookers,
Ethereal charm to the lovers,
The waves tangle with each other
To throw a beguiling promise,
To whisper the words of universe,
To tell us to pause and inhale the essence
And the clairvoyance of their closure
Takes every single soul 
To the world of perpetual supremacy.
White charm escaped from
The piquant source of mass of water
Picturizes the flamboyance of life.

A Longing

Tender faces collide,
Inexperienced hands dig deep down
Lips tuck no boundaries,
The bodies keep no secret 
Betwixt the ravishing embodiments
Of endless treasures.
And then a long gap,
Gap prolonged the selfish time.
Her eyes couldn't find anything
In between the vacuumed four walls.
Memories eat each other 
And the beauteous visions
Drape the scenario into simple emotions.
The empty house contains void furniture
Sculpted with the overwhelming moments
Of togetherness, love, traumas and serene!
Cascading through the silver line 
Of effervescent envisages carrying
Two pairs of arms entangled
For an unknown length of time,
She slowly swipes her tears away.
An offering to the awakened universe.


The Aphrodite of my dreams,
Her hourglass body of vehemence
And her embellishments of magnetic personification
Enrich my vagabond soil.
A protruding complement 
To my noctivagant soul,
An alluring occurrence 
To my monochromatic life,
An excrescence of love
To my bemused heart,
She strolls around every dimension
With the pulchritudinous aura.
As lunatic as I am, my ink
Adorns the empathetic parts of my life
While her refulgence enigmatically embeds
Reasons for the perpetuity I dream of her.

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