BAPU: A Second Coming (Gandhian Philosophy)

Prasanna Kkumar
Bapu dear father, you are the Man, who made us 
walk into freedom. Your ways and principles 
were precursors for every step, 
yet, sadly people have forgotten to follow 
your dharma of Non - Violence and Satyagraha 
to achieve the desired action, 
these two powerful instruments sang the glory of peace, 
Compelling the shamefaced 
British to arrive at a truce to declare independence. 
Bapu your clarion call for disobedience 
and non-cooperation by peaceful protests, 
your frail and loin-clothed body became the symbol 
of a peaceful battle against muscled oppressors.
With your simplicity, you showed the world, 
how one can attain the means to achieve the highest deeds.
Never, once did you yield to the imposed sanctions,
what you believed in you determined to carry out.
The world is witness to your struggle and for us 
dear Bapu you will be forever a man of Peace. 
Today when the world is breaking into pieces, 
we need you most. Yours must be a second coming.

Bio: Prasanna Kkumar is a widely published, translated and internationally acclaimed multilingual poet and editor. His recent edited international anthologies are Love and Longing, Songs of Peace and Manushatvam: Songs of Humanity. Chief Founder of The Fertile Brains an online successful literary platform he is making a significant contribution to world literature especially poetry. A Master’s degree in commerce and is a social worker by profession.

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