Horizons of Peace (Gandhian Philosophy)

Barbara Di Sacco
In black and white scrolled the images
of the thin figure wrapped in white light.
It was Mahatma Gandhi and his aura.
Immense strength of tender figure, so great in the world
Separating the impure at its own cost
Drawing human dignity
With the faint voice of superhuman power
Of sovereign spirit
Shouting at the crowds, unhinging doors
Without any violence.
Using the firm no, in the firmness of the wrist and fist
in which lies the freedom of every person
Exploited by dark power.
Crossing continents, marching rights struggles
Up to Boer land, opening the way
To the future Mandela, to the choruses of peace in his footsteps.
Voices, loud hymns and men
From the mountains of Tibet to the Americas in his own name of Bapu.

Bio: Barbara Di Sacco, Italian poet, was born in Tuscany in 1964. Her poetry is very committed to issues of world peace, human, civil and environmental rights. Strongly believes in the power of literature as a peace crusade source of love for humanity. Supports the importance of knowing the history from which to draw to implement new perspectives.
Mahatma Gandhi is an immense guide, hope for peace. 


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