Songs of Harmony (Gandhian Philosophy)

Brindha Vinodh
Gandhi came in my dream and asked, “Do you remember me only on October 2n and January 30th?  I was ashamed to answer.

 When I woke up, it was dawn.
 Not just had the sun outside risen,
  but the alleys of my mind brightened too, 
  dispelling the darkness of oblivion,
 and I realized how we ‘Homo Sapiens’
  Have conveniently forgotten his values,
 having capitulated to the seemingly alluring
 Captivation of violence, only to be deceived by annihilation in its totality. 

  It dawned on me to sing to the youth the songs of harmony.
  It dawned on me to be practical paradigms to the children of today, just like birds flocking in the evening under a cantaloupe sky, signifying unity,  how important to tread on the path of peace,  smooth like a carpet of marbles, the change within to witness a sea change in the world, to allude to Gandhi. 
How significant to make this a practice than marking as an activity on the calendar! 

Bio: Brindha Vinodh is a poet, writer, blogger, online tutor and a former copyeditor. She is the recipient of Reuel International Prize with a special mention for poetry, 2022. Her debut poetry book titled “autumn in America other poems” released in 2022 through Setu publications, Pittsburgh, USA, is available on Amazon.

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