Poetry: Jagmohan Sangha

Jagmohan Sangha
(Dedicated to people living with minor mental disorders)

When he thought, that life is a song
People were out, to prove him wrong.
Like anyone else, he thought he is normal
Yet people smirked and acted so formal.
When negativity pulled down, like wet sand
His heart leapt out, for a helping hand.
When to new heights, he wished to soar
There was no one to help, no one to assure.
When he washed hands, again and again
People judged the act, with lot of disdain.
When he tried, walking on a tight rope
People said, he is hoping against hope.
When like his friends, he chose a profession
People said, he has unrealistic obsession.
Now he puts a brave face, but fights with fears
In some weaker moments, he sheds some tears.
Some days are blessed, some days are bad,
There are exuberant moments, and some sad.
He tries his best, to dispel negative thoughts
Sometimes they entangle, in undesirable knots.
His colours of life, could have different textures
If people around, could show positive gestures.
With a mind so fertile, his intellect has no border
While he copes-up, with his mental disorder.

(Written on the day, when our pet had to be put to rest on doctor’s advice)
Finally, we let you go Charlie, with eyes full of tears
You were part of our lives, for over a dozen years.
With me you wanted to go for a walk, in snow or in heat
You will live in our hearts forever, with memories so sweet.
When we returned home, you welcomed us without fail
Now no one will come to the door, no one will wag his tail.
Who will bring positivity now, our minds think and shudder
You were the best companion, of children and our mother.
In nostalgic sombre hours, we may still call your name
Months and years will roll by, but life will never be same.
All efforts to keep you alive, eventually remained in-vain
Please forgive us Charlie, we could not see you in pain.
Home will remain full of memories, besides toys and a bowl,
We pray that Almighty, to grant peace to your noble soul….


Confined to the four walls, I spent a week alone
Initially felt like prisoner, in domain of own home.
Never had I imagined, someday this will come in my way                                                                          Despite being a good citizen, to Omicron I will fall a prey.
I was totally secluded, within minutes of the diagnosis
I was ushered by the loved ones, in a state of hypnosis.
Within no time I was explained, my boundary and limitation
Meekly I started obeying, to my worthy children’s dictation.
Designated was my bedroom, as a place of no admission
Confused was my darling wife, on denial of entry permission.
Food was kept on a table, just outside of my bedroom door
“We are here for everything needed”, all were out to assure.
During the days of seclusion, one thing I could clearly gather
Empathy and care of each other, certainly binds us together.
Aloofness leads to introspection, for things we often despise                  
Thanking God when all is well, is compassionate and wise.

Dr. Jagmohan Sangha holds a Ph.D in Management apart from a Masters in English Literature and a Law degree. He writes in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

He started his career at All India Radio where he hosted a youth programme - Yuv-vani. 

He published his interviews with legends like Amrita Pritam, Khushwant Singh, Tahira Syed (Malika Pukhraj’s daughter), Saleem Kausar (of Main khyal hun kisi aur ka fame), Bhupinder-Mitali etc.
His lyrics sung by Dolly Guleria daughter of Nightingale of Punjab, Surinder Kaur were a great hit in India. His other Hindi/Urdu Ghazals were part of Albums “Kashish” and “Dil se dil taq” etc . 

He hosted a General Knowledge quiz on a multi-cultural Canadian TV channel for many years. 

He is also a film producer and runs a production house -Sangha Motion Pictures. His short film, “Never Again” about broken immigrant families, single mother and drug abuse amongst youth was premiered at International Film Festival of South Asia in Toronto and was later screened at many other film festivals all over the world and won awards too. Recently he produced a short film, “Dried Apricots”.

He also directed many song videos and co-edited an anthology of poetry comprising seventy poets and often participates in Mushairas and Kavi-sammelans in Canada.

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