Aneek Chatterjee (Voices Within 2023)

Aneek Chatterjee is from Kolkata, India. He has published more than five hundred poems in reputed literary magazines and poetry anthologies across the globe. He authored 16 books including four poetry collections. He also co-edited one poetry anthology. Dr. Chatterjee received the prestigious “Alfredo Pasilono Memorial Panorama International Literary Award 2023”, conferred by the Writers Capital Foundation. He was a Fulbright Visiting faculty at the University of Virginia, USA and a recipient of the ICCR Chair (Govt. of India) to teach abroad. His poetry has been archived at Yale University. He can be reached at:



Molten Silver is Dripping on the River


This evening believes

there is no bickering, no rivalry,

no war, no hatred on earth.

Molten silver is dripping on the

river, --- alms from the moon, --- smiling

and gossiping with the happy river.

Trees and bushes and each grass on earth

are also engrossed in chats.


This evening is different.

My hand is also engrossed in yours, 

soft and warm, like silver drops

from the moon.

There is no bickering, no vengeance,

no hatred on earth.

There is no other human

on earth too. Only two souls,

a river, a moon, trees and bushes

and grass, --- green and golden. 


This evening is crafted for unspoken,

but not unheard words of love; ---

nothing else, only silent

and unending tales of love.




I am unable to jump into

issues you raise, right or wrong.

Mostly an onlooker, cracks and

damages are evident to me.

I wish to see and gain, strength.

But the iron wires around you

stare at me, like a mirror, ---

an onlooker




The glass I raised looked happy

with bubbles and gold.

Every glass everyone raised

looked happy with cheering

bubbles and gold flowing out.

One corner

of the room  however witnessed

the death of ecstasy in every

bubble. And suddenly a vacant seat

in the corner began to sing

a lullaby for me.

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