Paramita Mukherjee Mullick (Voices Within 2023)

Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist, an award-winning poet, an editor and a literary curator. Her poems have been translated into forty one languages and have been widely published in Indian and international journals and anthologies. She has ten books to her credit. Paramita promotes peace, multilingual, global and indigenous poetry. She also promotes awareness of climate change and conservation through poetry. She is the President and Initiator of the Mumbai Chapter of IPPL and also the Cultural Convenor and Literary Coordinator (West India) of ISISAR. She is passionate about painting and photography.


The Invisible Magic Wand

I have an Invisible Magic Wand.
With one swish I heal many hearts.
With a hug and a kiss I bring back a smile on a child's face.
With a hand on the shoulder I bring back confidence in some.

I have an Invisible Magic Wand
I circle it round to bring peace
I circle it to stop all fights
I circle it to stop all strifes.

I have an Invisible Magic wand.
Wherever I go with it, happiness spreads.
Wherever I go with it, eyes twinkle.
Wherever I go with it, sounds of laughter rolls.

I have an Invisible Magic wand
One sweep of the wand and the sun shines.
One sweep of the wand and the leaves flutter in the breeze.
This magic wand in the hands of a simple woman makes her magical. 



Tram ride memories (dedicated to the 150th anniversary of tram services in Kolkata)


Calcutta, trams and nostalgia.

The ting-ting bell of the tram

My sister and I sitting in the wooden seats

Our heavy school bags on our laps.

Sometimes worried that we will reach late to school.

The ticket checker in khaki uniform

With a black sling bag full of clinking coins.

Now living in a different city, a different era

I don’t know the fare of a tram ride.

But the 20 paise tickets are still so fresh in my mind.


Then in my youth, our college group travelling in trams.

Rolling in peals of laughter over silly jokes.

Sometimes having jhaal- muri* after a hectic day

Gulps of water with it to ease the spicy taste.

The tram trundling along the Maidan*.

Greenery and tall trees all around.

Tram played a lovely role in my courtship days.

Talking sweet- nothings in the long tram rides.

Two souls in love meeting each other after a work day

The slow speed of the tram providing respite after a hectic day.


Gradually tram rides became rare due to my busy schedule

Dodging between home in the trappings of a newly- wed bride

And doing research experiments in the university.

Tram rides were too slow to cope with my many schedules.

But it again became my most favoured ride

When I was to become a mother.

When a new life was forming in my womb.

The speed of the tram ride which irritated me before

Became my best friend for safe travel.

Calcutta, trams and nostalgia.


*jhaal-muri—a spicy mixture of puffed rice

*Maidan—a huge stretch of green in the heart of Kolkata (Calcutta)



 Morning has broken


Morning has broken like the first morning.

The sea breeze is on my face.

The trees are swaying.

The leaves are fluttering.

The birds are singing nature’s grace.


Morning has broken like the first morning.

The squirrels are scampering all around.

The crows are cawing on the trees.

The elusive nightingale, singing away sweetly.

All creatures, a new day, a new happiness have found.


Morning has broken like the first morning.

The parrots are screeching and fleeting by.

The sunbirds are dancing in the palm trees.

The sweet breeze is dancing with the leaves.

There is a riot of colours and light in the sky.

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