Poetry: Walid Abdallah

Walid Abdallah
Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes "Go Ye Moon", “The Queen of my Heart”, " Dream" and "My Heart Oasis". His books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, The Egyptian Lane and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation, Arc and Seam and his co-translations with Andy Fogle of Farouk Goweda’s poetry have previously appeared in Image, RHINO, Reunion: Dallas Review, and Los Angeles Review. These translations won prestigious prizes in the USA like "Cause", "Egypt's Grief", and "Strangers' Cross". 

All ways lead to you

All ways lead to you in the end
We can beat separation wind

Even if life keeps us far away
We will get together some day

Our destiny is connected forever
Life is cruel unless we are together

Wherever you go in this universe
You're in every poem and each verse

Although you are not in front of my eyes
My love to you is an ocean that never dries

You are always there in everything I see
Without you in this world, I would never be

Your lovely picture is carved on the moon face
Making the world a much more beautiful place

While wandering around the earth
Your smile is my compass since birth

I am not afraid to wander about or get lost
As long as your heart is my tender host

One day I am coming back to your arms
My salvation from all hardships and harms


I have always been called black
Before my eyes and behind my back

I always try to hide my sufferings and tears
I have to stand more than anyone bears

I didn’t create myself nor my color
That becomes my weakness and their power

I may be black from the outside
But I have the whitest heart inside

My color has become the curse of my own race
On earth, we no longer have a place

I am cursed in every place I go
I always feel so little and low

I was born only to suffer
My feeling does not matter

For any crime, I am the first to blame
The Nigro did it and call my name

My soul is imprisoned within the dark skin
My own color has become my own sin

I hope people will see the beauty in my heart
And stop excluding me and asking me to depart

My heart breaks a thousand times every day
Nobody cares about me, no attention they pay

I am a caged bird left lonely in a rainy night
With broken wings, with no power to fight

Outcast and cursed that is how I feel
In front of their vanity I must kneel

I hope they will understand we complete each other
We were created to reconstruct the earth together

We have the same soul but different colors
We have charming scent from various flowers

I dream of a world in which we are all the same
And only a human being becomes our name

We should teach our children the power of tolerance
And root out every envy, hatred and intolerance

I love and respect everyone on this earth
I have been taught this since my birth


On seeing you, I  breathed through my heart
Please, stay there forever and never depart

You have no eye lids, they are two lips
Where a flood of tenderness drips 

Take me into the deep well of your embrace
Where I see nothing except for your face

Let me closer to breathe your sighs
Believe in my heart, it never lies

In your presence, I see none but you
I taste that happiness I never knew 

You're my God's most precious gift
For you, anything can be easily left

I only feel alive in the shrine of your eyes
My heart dances, sings and always flies

Never be away even for just a few minutes
Being together my feelings have no limits

Your smile always makes me on cloud nine
Our eternal love contract is ready to sign

For the heart that breathes you, never be late
Let's make our happiness and draw our fate

Happy New Year

You are my dream for every New Year
Being together, there is nothing to fear

Every new year, you're my hope and desire
You are the love that will never expire

Every new year, you're the beginning and start
Your love is deep rooted into my heart

Every day with you is a heavenly bless
My love increases, will never be less

You gave me the hope and reason to fight
You are the moon that illuminates my night

Let's celebrate our new year together
Let's make a love story that lasts forever

Together we can change the face of universe
Everything will be blessed, no room for a curse

There will be a new world in the New Year
All living things smile when you are near

Every new year, stay close to plant love everywhere
Every New Year, you have all my love and care

Every New Year, I live for you
My love river will always flow


I built a home in my heart for you alone
I loved my heart when it became your own

If you need my heart, I happily offer
You can have my soul too forever

For you, my whole life is nothing to present
It would be a gift for you ready to be sent


My sun was about to set
When finally we met

You rose like a rising sun
You became the only one

Your beauty has no match
You make me alive with a touch

I have been waiting for long
Your presence makes me strong

Forever is not enough to be together
My love is a tree that will never wither

Your eyes has no lids but two lips
Where tenderness falls and drips

My eternal happiness lies between your arms
Hide me from life and its worries and harms

Your heart blossoms birds and flowers
My whole life with you becomes hours

When you look at me, I feel alive again
You are the only thought in my brain

My heart has fallen in love with jory
For loving you, I will never feel sorry

Make me 

You make me smile when I want to cry
You make me alive when I want to die

Make me laugh when I want to frown
You just turn my life upside down

Believe in me when no one else does
You’re my now, my is, my was

When I'm with you, time flies so fast
It's like the present is the past

I need you more than you can believe
Love you more than you can conceive

Think about you every night and day
And hope my life can stay this way

I don't want it to be any other way
You're the only wish for which I pray

Meaning of love

Love happens when a soul falls for a soul
It lives longer and never gets old at all

Love happens when two eyes match
Life renews every time hands touch

Love happens when we find a reason to live for
When somebody's existence becomes your cure

Love happens when life stops on being together
Though bodies decay, souls are in love forever

Love happens when somebody's happiness is your goal
And their smile relieves every pain and every fall

Love happens when you see everything bright
Because your beloved is there before your sight

Love becomes your beloved's name
Your feelings become exactly the same

When your beloved feels pain
You feel the ache more plain

When your beloved becomes your second half
You become ready to sacrifice your life on their behalf

Love happens when life becomes eternal spring
Where birds of every color dance and sing

Love happens with a touch of your beloved's hand
Heartbeats grow and will always expand

Love happens when the two lost souls finally meet
They can overcome everything and easily beat

Open my heart 

I open all my heart windows to let your love in
Like the perfume, the light and the sun

When I love you, I know the universe is fine
I feel that the earth orbits and on its line

For me, you are all the women of the earth
You are my roots since my birth

You are the warmth of my feeling
Before you, I was senseless being

Some lines are never enough to describe my emotion
They are just like a drop in the ocean

The Garden of my Love 

You are the garden of love I have dreamed about
You are the secret of happiness without any doubt

You are my trees, flowers and butterflies
You are the river of life that never dries

You are my birds that fill life with singing
You are my heartbeats that never stop ringing

I need to spend the rest of my life in your shade
I need to enjoy your true love that will never fade

Between your branches I found true love
On your trees tops I saw rare birds above

You are my love garden on earth 
Your Flowers give me a new birth

Your lovely scents give me the air I breathe
In your cool shade I enjoy the lovely breeze

Whenever I close my eyes
I feel your love and warm sighs

Away from my garden I feel lost
Your heart is always the best host

My love garden is a beautiful Rose
I will live there forever, I suppose


Before every dream, there is a wall
So high, we long to collapse or fall

I believe, one day this wall will be gone
We will unite together and have our own sun

Even if this wall separates us today
I will keep looking for the hope ray

Only to see that smile on your face
Drown into your hug, my warm place

Making up for all the hard days passed before
Showing you my love and care more and more

I dream about your smile day and night 
Having you in my hug and before my sight

You are away in place, but in my heart you reside
You live in my mind and eyes cannot hide

You are the first and the last thought on my mind
You are the only love my heart was struggling to find

Your love gives me strength and power to survive
A touch of your hand makes me feel alive

You have become the secret of my happiness
You have become the love all words fail to express

When our hearts really want, fate will respond
It is a matter of time before our eternal bond

I believe the patient should be rewarded in the end
That is God's promise and all the wishes my heart send

One day, we will be together forever
And start our journey that ends at never

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