Radhika Dodain

Radhika Dodain

When a life arrives
Many smiles make up for his cries
This is the story of a beautiful life
For which many dead souls strive.

He was just a seed
No creed, no greed
Then he learnt about the joy of walking
That came along with the ache of falling.

Once found a lipstick in the hall
Painted his heart on the big empty wall
Daddy laughed but mommy scolded
Same action but different emotions unfolded.

When the seed became a seedling
He realized joy comes with pain
But all his hard work now seemed to go down in vain
All his burning thoughts tethered him in chains
He wished to ride his dream bus
Just to escape the reality once again.

Now he was a tree
Stronger than he ever could be
Ranked high in life's degree
Had a bright future that anyone could see.

He no longer lives with his mom
Cause now he has a wife
He missed his dad a lot
After becoming one for his child.

When a life deprives
Thousand cries still couldn't make up for his smiles
This was the story of a beautiful life
For which dead souls will always strive.

Save her

It's so clear and noisy
So noisy and loud
Enough for me to hear
Amidst the running crowd

The warm light is burning my skin
The little ant sting is forming a brim

He shout and shout,
she screams just as loud
The hurtful words filled with agony finally comes out
What they abhor was ever adored I sincerely doubt.

Should I run away? Can I run I ask.
Multiple scenarios in my mind at once telecast
Tho none of them has a happy ending
Her sobbing under tap water just keeps extending.

She is laying on my bed
Crying facing the edge
I don't know what to say
So she knows I'll stay

I need her but I wish her to be free
Am I burden?
I can't help but count till three.

Will this ever end,
Before she ends her life.
Is this what she gets
For being beautiful and kind.

A life full of misery
One with betrayals and cries
Where she keeps falling deeper and deeper
Every time she tries.

I can see she is broken
She can't be mended now
But can't I save whts left of her
Before it too shatters down.


Today I entered the place u called home
Where all your words have come from
It had a big front door
Bigger than what your stories ever told.

Walked on the unknown paths
Which lead to a place unseen
Caked with fallen leaves
Whose voice could be heard as my steps steep

The path diverged into two
And only one that I could choose
So I chose the greener one
Wishing its the one you walked too.

The path led to a magnificent mansion
Astound open-mouthed I stared
I stared at the palatial palace
Full of beans I stepped in there

Opened the door to a different world
The one you always talked about
I laughed and swirled around
Hearing my own voice echoed just as loud.

A huge portrait hung in the middle of the lobby
The little you smiled amidst all the pain
All the doors unlatched a different genre
From an elegant duke to a hefty soldier.

Whizzing through the hallway,
Walking down the staircase.
I came across a tropical gateway
Amongst the dandelions I stood,
Praising the yellow rose but pondering how lonely it looked.

I moved ahead and stumbled across a mosaic
Speechlessly gazing at the paragon of this rosy alley
Just like the sunlight made its way from the shade to me
It felt sensational, how it made its way to my heart indeed
I just smiled and smiled
And took my leave.

Came across another diverged road
Took the greener, less travelled one
Wishing its the one you chose
And found a stone under the flickering lights
Where the last viscountess, my late mother's words shone bright.

When everyone else is a stargazer
I shall be a starwalker
No time like now shall arrive
The thrill of utopia has finally begun to take over my pride.

Today I left the place you called home
Where all your words have come from
It had a big back door
Bigger than what your stories ever told.


Last year has been such a mess
From days of misery to months of distress
Falling grades, social anxiety and ambulance sirens at late night
Entering a dark lonely home was what she hated the most at that time.
Perhaps all she wanted to know was one day everything will be alright.

He wasn't in her picture
The picture of her miserable life
The one she never wished him to see
Her sullied heart of made up lies
But his aura was tainted with a tint of silvery-white
His voice was soothing
He wore a smile so bright.

When did it all begin
The dreamy story of him and I
When neither of us wanted to cross paths with anyone this time.
It wasn't on the spur of the moment
The spark took months to grow inside
But if the dreamy story was too surreal
Would we be able to leave our past behind?

His drunken voice, his flirty vibes
The way with him her time flies
His smirky smile, those touchy lines
The brush of his fingers that gives her butterflies.

He said he was tainted inside
With his past interlocking his present mind
But what if she becomes his cosmic star
And help him heal all his scars
Would he take her for her beautiful heart?

Can they dream of each other every night
Apologize with songs whenever they fight
Text each other until the sky gets bright
Add colors to their world of black and white.

How will this end
Question lies inside her head
Perhaps when he changes his mind
Or when she can no longer pretend.

She's afraid of him breaking her heart
So she wishes to be the one to make it fall apart
Nothing in common, nothing that rhymes
They aren't meant to be, their love can never reach its prime
She knows it won't work out right
They can't be together, yet she loved him twice.
Her friend warned not to let this slide
But how can she leave him when he's so kind Even when she knows it’s just for a while.

She needs to learn how to properly hide
She needs to know he will never be her diamond mine
She needs to stop letting her guilt kill her pride
So can it be him who push her away once again this time?

But a single thought keeps coming back in my mind
If loving him was still all right
If he and she could become them
Then can he and I also become us this time?


Kids shouldn't lie but suppose what the adults said were all white lies.
What if daddy's heroic accident was actually an act of drink and drive
And all mom ever received was agony and revile.
What if the romantic encounters of nineteen ninety-nine were the start to an ill-fated cline?

When did the story become moral less
Maybe when the story had two narratives or when the loveless characters became a bit too pejorative.
When did the kids started dissembling
Maybe when they discover an empty shell professing to be filled
Or maybe when everyone surrounding the shell ignored its deafening trilled.

When did the kids become so sneaky
Maybe when the adults hid their bruises
Trying to justify their unjustifiable excuses.

When did those bubbly smiles get lost
Maybe when the kids realize how abnormal the normal world was.
When did the kids grow up
Maybe when all they could hear were their own whimpering midst of the adults bickering.

How did the bairn become so knavish?
Perhaps the same way those splendid adults became so slavish.

Bio: Radhika Dodain is an 18-year-old student who has transferred multiple schools and met hundreds of different people who are directly or indirectly characters breathing in a parallel world of her writings. She is passionate about poems, narratives and storytelling. She pours her heart on those blank sheets filling them with her opinions, feelings and experiences in a rhythmic chorus.


  1. Damn these are good radhika

  2. really good poems.. i like how u used such simple words to convey the narrators feelings well.. looking forward for more.. good luck for your future endeavours!


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