Habiun/Haiku + Concrete Poem: Marjorie Pezzoli

More than three different ideas flashed through my mind upon viewing Josiah’s line drawing. 
A wheat stock, swimming in mid air, reaching up, tears, and grief becoming love. His ink work has this intriguing ethereal quality to it. Each drawing makes me think. This piece was not part of his “Complete the Haiga” prompt series. He encouraged me to write a haibun, something I have not done before. This process re-opened a door of exploration to the cosmos. My story expressions expanded, brought me back to the beginning of self explanation of why my daughter, Alyssa, left this earthly plain in 2013. I had to become a superhero for myself to deal with this loss. A graphic novel hybrid project started in 2016 in order to have continued adventures with her. Still unfinished. After 10 years of being out in the stars and helping out with three quests, it is time to share our story. There are times it takes a Village to make things happen. The writing, poetry, and art community has helped me greatly. Along with the love of family, friends, especially my husband, son, and Beau, the dog who has Betty Davis eyes. My girl still sends me signs that make the unbearable - bearable. She had a large beautiful wheat bouquet tattoo tied with a ribbon on her side, maybe now you know why Josiah’s line drawing blew me away. 

harvest time
waves of wheat sway
a comet goes by

- Marjorie Pezzoli

Concrete Poem Collaboration 
Josiah @lessEthereal - Line Art
Marjorie Pezzoli - Word Art

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