K Pankajam (Women and Spring)

K Pankajam
Spring and Me

Spring is a girl in love, pristine and glowing.
Flipping through the luminous rays
and giggling at the burning star, her sunny paramour 
as she glides down like an apsara, 
the earth attains puberty, bedecked with buds 
instilling in me an oasis of inspiration.
Glistening through the green leaves in meadows
and smiling through blooming flowers,  
as she makes the air aromatic and earth vibrant,
scented wind frolics forcing my legs wheel in the air.

After the madness and might of winter
it’s the spring when woozy wasps wander bemused
flit from flowers to flowers, dizzy and frenzied
and make love, roaming, roving and rambling.
As the flowers attain ecstasy and they flaunt in self-esteem 
a rapturous delight, nascent, peeps its head somewhere inside me. 

There is liveliness and music in the air, everywhere.  
Birds in the woods are singing and babbling as in an ensemble.
My home garden springs with colours and bird songs
and it sets my heart and thoughts on fire, hard to douse.  
Great is the brilliance of lilacs, lilies, roses and others.
I witness their evolution, their renewal, their joy, 
that makes me surmise upon the power of creation  
and my womanly instinct burgeons in its confined contours. 
Heaven comes down to earth 
a transition from lifelessness to liveliness
triggering a springtime memory, sublime.  
It’s spring in my mind too, an impulse for renewal,
a momentum earning might in its own right
and I succumb to its incendiary pull.   

Bio: Pankajam Kottarath is a bilingual poet and novelist and an author of more than   40 books.  Her poems, book reviews, short stories and articles have been published in national/international journals and   anthologies.  One of her poetry collections has been translated into French.   Three books on literary criticism discuss her works in detail.  A book of critical essays and research papers on her poems   has also been published.  She is the recipient of many awards.

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