A bit of heaven: Meenakshi Mohan

Meenakshi Mohan
In the nascent hours of the morning
when the sun is still blanketed in its orange-purple glory,
sprinkling some of its hues on the blossoms below,
I walk to my little oasis – a sanctum where I find peace –
a bit of Heaven

Sitting on my swing under the awnings of the crepe myrtle trees,
loaded with white and pink blooms.
I inhale the freshness of the morning wafts of air –
soft and gentle caressing me.

It seems like the little angel sitting in one corner on the stone ledge,
comes through the silvery night and brush strokes
flowers and bushes in various colors –
roses in pink and yellow, violets with purplish hues, and
tucks in ruby red Azalea in the folds of the leafy bowers.

Spellbound, I listen to the symphonies of –
cardinals, goldfinches, robins, and sparrows -
regular visitors to the birdbath.
With fascination, I watch the dance of butterflies in their vibrant outfits.

Bushes, flowers, and rocks around the garden glisten with sprinkles 
of the water fountain. I imbibe the elixir around me
and drown in the silent, musical harmony of
Veena Vadini, the divine power adorning my bit of heaven.

The ageless, tall birch trees surrounding the area
with their wrinkled, peeling shells, like preachers
remind of the transience of life –
yes, the season changes, and so does life,
but I close my eyes where magic sleeps
and wraps me in the spell of the moment,
and in my bit of heaven
I live.

Bio: Dr. Meenakshi Mohan is an academic writer, poet, and artist. Her recent books are The Rebirth of the Demon and Tapestry of Women in Indian Mythology. Her poetry book, Symphonies of Life, is in process with the publisher. Meenakshi is on the Editorial Board of Inquiry in Education, a peer-reviewed journal of National Louis University, Chicago. Meenakshi lives in the USA.

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