Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla

Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla is an award-winning poet, translator,French teacher and healer from Mumbai. Her poems have been widely published in international anthologies and periodicals:  Her poems are featured in the anthology Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians published by Sahitya Akademi, Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English and The Kali Project. Her poem won the Commendation Prize at The All-India Poetry Competition 2013. She is the author of two poetry collections – Invisible Eye longlisted for Cochin Lit Fest Poetry Prize 2018, and The Empress, winner of the 2018 US National Poetry Contest by Ræd Leaf Foundation for Poetry & Allied Arts. Accolades for her poetry include a special mention award in the Architectural Poetry Annual Competition 2020, the Panorama Special Jury Award, being shortlisted by Asia Pacific Writers and Translators in collaboration with Joao-Roque Literary Journal June 2020, and first prize at The New Normal Poetry competition by Poetry Paradigm and Oxford Bookstore. Her translated Sindhi poem ‘Safar’ won the first prize at the Kavya Kaumudi International Poetry Award. She is recipient of the Rahi Kadam Inspiration Award 2021. She is the author of ‘Healing Elixir’ The Hawakal Handbook of Angel Therapy, Numerology & Remedies