Three Poems by Anoucheka Gangabissoon

The Feel of Life
Waves flutter around lazily
In a most gentle and comforting manner
As if to me they did want to say
Why do you fret for being the way you are

Do you really need to attain perfection
Do you really need to be the best
Do you really need to attract praise
Do you really need to be the most eminent

Does it all matter
Would you not rather be you
Simply you, flawed, frail, mistaken
Scared, doubtful, not so confident, emotional
Yet, being at the same time, close to the skies

Say if this life matters not
If awakened does be your soul
Why do you fret for being the way you are
Someday, you shall close this chapter forever

And start a new one in a world known as the one greater
The one more radiant
More excellent
The one made of beauty, in its immensity

Learn to be nice to yourself
Learn to be tolerant
To accept yourself
To give time to your own self

Yes, time, time to grow, to learn
To forgive, to be forgiven
To unlearn, and to learn again from your mistakes
Remember, remember that one higher power did choose to make you such

I watched the waves flutter around lazily
And stretched back on the cold sand
How wonderful, life is wonderful
It is, it really is, I just needed to feel it in me!

A Celestial Glance at Life

A seed, ignorant of its own being
A seed, brought to its own climax
By an unknown propelling force
A seed,
A seed,
So oblivious
So ignorant
A seed, brought to light
Or to darkness
Whichever, this world does be made of both
A seed, grown and blossomed
Into a being so full of itself
That it realizes not that it swims in a maze of ignorance
And life, in this manner, goes on its way
Filled with greed, desire, envy, lust
Wants, wants and more of wants
Fulfillment of the senses’ wants
Fulfillment of the ego’s wants
Fulfillment of its blinded vision’s wants
Caring naught about that propelling force
Caring not even to thank it
To wonder about what does it be made of
This seed,
Brought to its consciousness
Aimless, meaningless, directionless
Yet, believing everything to be real
Believing that a seed it is, one made of royal lineage
Caring not to see how fast time in this maze travels
But coming to realize all of a sudden
That old and worn
It has become a wilted being
No water can save it
No food can save it
Only that unknown power
That which propelled it forth once
That, and only that!
From it, it had sprung
And to it, it shall return
Does resume thus
If it were to be given a celestial glance!

Life Willed Me

Life willed me to see it as it really was
Life willed me to drop out of my dream shell
To savor its putridity
To bask in its evil surroundings

Life, I used to see it as being all painted in rose
Pampered had I been, pampered and well cared for
Seen as the one shy belle
I was such a one who lived in a glass castle

Life willed me to see its true face, for it was fed up with me
Indeed, so much of tantrums thrown
All for the sake of the mundane
The unreal, the transient, the unnecessary

Life, though, was kind enough to imbibe in me, some spirituality
Some philosophy, some love for the mystery
Indeed, now, even if I do see life as thriving in an evil world
I certainly am grateful for everything that I have been offered

Life, so uncertain
Life, so cruel
Life, relishing only on the sensual
Life, said to be the companion of the one who created it all

Life, trapping us all in its web
Life, wanting us to suffer, more and more
Emotional pains, mundane gains
Spiritual distancing, mundane attachments

Life, thankful I am to it, to have allowed my awakening
Pray, I shall live, and show my stature as one so bold
Life, I shall live, but as one so cautious
Wanting so little of life, so little indeed

Care I not about life, care I only for the world other
The one said to be made of purity
The one said to be the home of the divinity
Why, this life, it shall come to its end

Shall not even remain, my shivering shadow
Shall not even remain, my frail and fragile voice
Shall not even remain, my cries and my laughs
Shall remain though, my words, my many odes!

Life, I do see it as being all dark
Life, I shall deal with it with a calm wisdom
Life, I shall try my best to tackle it
For life, broken are the walls of my glass castle!