Three Poems by Allan Craig

The Harbour

The calm serenity                                                                               

of a warm summer's evening
Boats bob like corks
in the secure harbour walls

Coloured lights dance
The chinking of glasses
Our world feels alive
in the vibrancy outside

The calming wash of the gentle tide
Waves caressing the sands
Folks look on in wonderment
at the reflection of the moon and the stars

Hope and prosperity in abundance
People relaxed and at peace
The fret of tomorrow is distant
Content, their moment, their harbor life

The Semblance of Love

Bound in the rings of our life 's declaration
The shrouding protection of a warming embrace
Flooding pure light, Divinely hypnotic
Sacred in the heart, a universal symbol of love
The clutch of a hand softly guiding our way
The self-sacrifice of forgiveness, to heal the wounds of another
Unrequited or unconditional, nothing owed or is it sought
Serving and nourishing , a loved one preserved
Love in its blindness, without shape, without form
Let the soul recognize our true oneness.

Our Beloved Guests

We welcome you ,our beloved guests
Part of us but free

We're here to help you navigate
Not control your onward journey

Learn from me for what I know
Let others pass their wisdom

Challenge each, one and all
To ensure your way is yours

Beware of life's unseen shackles
Let your spirit remain open and free

Fun and joy we've offered
With opportunities to grow

Go out and look, seek to find
It's your time to stand alone.