Three Poems by Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli


So myrrh breathe
in easy walking
hair cast as the
meaningful blond ear

Slow motion swish
and beautiful body
Golden Bird
the fire of the Sun
tightly hugged


Wind from
Lily, divorced
Naked soul
As visceral poured


half-open lips
silent Lust
weighted veins
poured with momentum

Strange People

Strange world
at Rushing crowd
in dust of the earth
the lowly and the poor
people at chants, and
prayers in
only matching
there of sounds


What dawn of !!!!!!!!!!!!!
dreamy meditation
arcane thoughts
hot kisses
pure innocence gifts

Two angel kisses
my cheeks
excess of myrrh
at time sweet

My fingers diffusely
the colors of doom
scarlet ornaments
wastefully ..................