Poems by Christopher (Kit) Kelen

One Morning When Winter Thinks of Beginning

there's nothing
not a line to trouble

pick up the brush
and it's all been said
then the mind is cloudless

trees just as true
not a thing
you have to place

then you're deep
in the pond's-top sky
that's one more forever up

ducks taking off
their green is golden
and it's blue too

you go a little further in
come by the end
to your own breath

that was
the first of you
that will be last 

you know that you
dreamt all night
and dreams now are with their kin

some mornings you haven't a clue
why you woke up or what's to do
but then perhaps it's you're the inkling?

deep in their misted paddock
the cattle are a terrible bellow
you stand so the sun has your back


gets under and lifts
all about to take off

it's up your nose
you're teary with it

all the highest, most recent limbs tested
with this thrash about

can a little bird tell through?
no dew on a windy morning

sun's in the wing that's turning
casting its arc for branches creaking

swayed with the tops

a camera alone can catch still

Part of the Vast

under a streetlamp
dip of the moon

spectacle of no one seen
anything could pass here

light's spread white
world's shrunk to this

all round the night
stars are past

the over-us is all embracing
lifts every scone and trunk

we're dough rise to it
the tree tattooed with standing

and all the weather in it
the rocks are dear life hanging on

because this world's a stone
and hurled!

and duck!
or who's to catch?

The Turnaround

morning's still
and notice that my neck is scarfless
one more pair of socks would do

all the timber tangle's green now
ducks take off clean as the blue
not a frost but thoughts that way

cattle are a paddock gone
do I have right hat for this?
nothing itches anymore

there's the brisk instead
I'm not walking away
I'm walking into the sun

A Blue Truth
(Sunday early)

somebody's home is a first thing fire
sun picking its way through branches

we're in this stand of fuel
all meaning what a leaf might turned

somebody's wings set the air abuzz
wind gets away in your hair

things show themselves in a certain light
otherwise you wouldn't see

somebody's song is one chord shy
lyrics are lost to the track

sometimes, eyes up, we speak
of the trees as if they were ours

when we are such
a long way down