Poetry by Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard


When love is lost
Inside the walls of words
Outside deserted words
Between cold words
Under hidden words
Besides the blindness
Of the blackness of words

Love is found
Between touch and silence
Inside the nudeness of eyesight
Voice of universe, two hearts
Inside expectant words
world of unknown
Under the body of passion
Affection of taste
Run dreams to sunrise
 Bliss overtaking  time’s speed
Beyond hope of expectations
Starry routes
Past the eyes of the desert
Vision sees peace
Continents apart unite
No storm endangers it
In a sea of syllables and rhymes
When I see in your eyes in mine
Our bodies (one) again.


I  know
how to open
closed  windows,
all doors on Earth,
how to mature sun’s smile
how  to plan  in our crossroads
paths of  unity,  to open myself to light
to dry  the stony tears  nature has shed,
to extend  the routes of our luck beyond imagination.
I know  how  lands, oceans, continents, years, centuries sense our kiss,
I know  how to terminate the mythology, the history of  life’s adversity in life,
I know how  to recognize  our love,  how it touches the heart of darkness in light,
I know how to transform the past will of this cruel,  hostile, indifferent world.

We strengthen positive forces, angelic thoughts touching our hands
We remove the burden of time from our heart, from the roots of the earth
We uproot negativity. Our will, our mind, our heart,
dilute current wars, conflicts, atrocities
as sugary water dilutes evil eye by faith.

You know, your open hands touch me in my dreams, my reality, in the wind
my heart opens its flow of goodwill, its brotherhood
allowing the current of tenderness to fill all with love,
the imperfections of destiny gone away,
the wounded reality totally deleted.

Love abides, not like a dream
but real with me.


On the mountaintops of hope,
in the vastness of reality, action and vision,
on the patterned surface of mature eucalyptus trees,
on the branches of the future,
on ethereal wisdom of dawn,
on the song of the wind scented by cypress trees,
on the soul of mankind,
after the departure of confusion
along the railway tracks of unfinished ideas,
of nations, on the national road of compassion,

 on the continents of life,
where centurion trees sing
on the face of village house rooftops,
on the staircases of expected light,
on mountainous footpaths of history,
on the rocky extensions of the heart,
on the memory of a past love affair,
in the warmth of ocean currents,
under the waves

in a future caress, on the kiss of the day,
on a summer morning love affair ,
on the expected existence of the future,
on yet unexplored ancient sites,
true upon the earth,
on the water of the future,
at the spring of the truth,
on the earth of the body,
at the center of balance,
precise upon the earth,
I find you powerful,
I discover your body
in the deep ocean
of the heart



If you change
the other side of the unseen self to positive,
full of goodness, the God in yourself…
if you know how to love  you-me,
if you believe in you and me,
if you accept  where how goodness you/I are,
I am in all and you.

If all the oceans, sky, sea-land-heaven of self,
of fulfillment in reality, vision,
sees the mountains, land of sky, heart of the sea,
in full view of invisible, visible happiness,
reality is the river- lake- land, homeland of life,
full existence of Life in  love,
all I Love.


Along oceans I sailed, along continents for centuries I walked,
In search of a voice, in discovery of a soul…
Till our voices, our vision, our routes united.
To fight against the darkness of time,
To dilute hate piled up during eons,
To prevent fear from penetrating our cells,
To close the gap of the man-made abyss,
To remove death’s wings flying over us,
Masked as nuclear weapons.

You, unknown to me then, became beneficent,
Your silence eloquent, eliminating distance of continents
Till your sigh’s echo broke the storm of indifference.
I overcame with inner strength illness, pain, loneliness
Humanity's strength I learned from you.
Along oceans I sailed, along continents I walked barefoot,
In search of a voice, in discovery  of a  soul.
In the springs of courage, in search of water and food,
The essence of life I discovered, since I met myself in you.

Within new Justice give me shelter,
See the starvation of our countrymen,
Remind the world of what it knows.
Who protects unprotected orphans?
Who helps swollen bodies to soothe their angry wounds?
Yet, a glowing vision grows stronger by the hour.
God walks on our land, stretches above the plains of our hearts
Like a giant protective screen, extending hope to the horizon,
Narrowing the distance between divided hearts.
Killing the disguised demon of poverty,
Exterminating all opposition against His guardian heart.

Unknown to me in the past,
You are one body with me on this journey
Our tongues taste both pain and honey, with hope.
Together, we toil, as one body for humanity
Until humankind walks the land of Love
With Compassion.


How much pain
a name contains,
Aylan Curdi,
island isolated, continent isolated
by our indifference.
You are
the non-finality
of an angel in eternity.
You, a symbol
when a child drowns
the whole world drowns.

By your name
one continent,
three, all continents,
hear your cries,
does your pain rise
like air, cries
above the earth,
as if children,
my child,

Never die,
when you die,
do not die
my angel!
I hold you, my child, alive.
We are holding you,
all poets hold,
your hand.