Three Poems by Vivekanand Jha

A Banyan Tree

you planted with your erudite hands,
on the dirt barren like the sands of seashore
has blossomed into an insignia of immortality.

Its every leaf—large, gristly, glossy green,
inherits your benign wisdom, resplendent
like a beam of the rising sun.

Swaying in harmony like a sea of poppies,
giving away message of breeze to every ambler,
roasted, scorched in sizzling summer.

Standing on its rhinocerous root,
adding and multiplying into a knot
of branches, roots, trunks, leaves, and fruits
symbolizing a true meaning of life
teeming with a cascade of complexities.

Forming a shelter and shadow like a cloud
even travellers, needing no respite
from heat wave, heaving and parching,
have to retard their egos for a moment,
stopping by the tree, mutters in marvel:
Which hands have sown its seeds?

A Vanished Tree

I remember those years
after the days of my mewling and puking
I was a mere leaf of a tree - green and glossy,
soft like a lustrous fiber of silk,
hanging firmly through a twig of the branch,
reposing like a sheaf of the crown.
Its trunk straight as a pole
bolstering through its inner and outer barks,
a living monument of my lineage
breathing and throbbing through my pores.

Slow and silent,
a storm of globalization surged
flanked by the frost of the bartering,
breaking its communion from the climate
disrupting a link between the sap-root and the leaves.

The tree I am talking about
was once replete with its cambium,
stemmed many a leaf into trees
of distinct branches and twigs,
is now struggling to salvage the pride
of tips, hairs of even its own roots.

Believe Me or Not

Believe me or not
I speak as I suffered
But not preach
The world has been
Only to those
Who are happy and glee.

On the mistake of others
Don’t show your teeth
And to be laughed at
Don’t give any width.

Once they come to know
You are a beggar and you beseech
Men are such a bee
They would suck the left over blood
Like a leech.

So this is a lesson
one must learn and teach,
even in poverty looks like a rich
for this you don’t need
any investment and fee.