Surging ahead! Editorial by Sunil Sharma

Dear readers,

Third issue of Setu is here.
Indeed! Building bridges.
Cultural. Pictorial. Verbal.
Gateways to new experiences.

What a pleasure! Co-ordinating with some fine talents devoted to the arts, redefining perceptions!
Very discourse undergoes a qualitative change by the experts.

Serving the readers through this bilingual endeavour is also humbling. You come to appreciate how arts make a difference to the prosaic texture of commercial reality.
Arts make us human and regain sanity.
They make us look at the world in a fresh manner.
Arts are the last depositories of spiritual truths untouched by the surrounding madness of heavy consumption and superficial relationships.

This issue, we are pleased to introduce Anurag Sharma-- the editor-in-chief---as an English writer of substance. When I read the draft of his novel An Alien among Flesh Eaters, I was stupefied and instantly realized it was a major find of another obscure masterpiece! When told about the breathless discovery, the low-visibility writer Anurag in characteristic modesty, dismissed the wide-angle view of the book, with a soft laugh, so endearing for his innumerable fans. on insistence, he reluctantly agreed for an excerpt. Real writers do that! This novel heralds the arrival of a major voice of the diasporic writing. It records the clash of two cultures and the struggle of an immigrant in the mainstream America, resisting  stereotypes.

We have some other wonderful stuff!
Hope you enjoy it and continue to patronize the journal in coming months.
Feel free to write in. Do send something for us.

Another important announcement. Setu is planning to start soon Setu Publications from USA. Anurag is the CEO of this project that wants to publish quality at a reasonable rate. Golden opportunity for writers to get published through a rigorous process of edit selection.
Interested? Pitch in. Send proposals. All forms welcome. Poetry---first priority. Talk to Anurag Sharma.

Happy reading!
Sunil Sharma,