Graham Vivian Lancaster

Fellow Member Production Management Institute, degreed in finance, production, economics, Master Business and technical metallurgy, Alexander House / Trayberry Press publisher, he is published in eight genres.

Anthologised in poetry and short stories, he has five study guides and forty one published books, nine of which are personal poetry anthologies. He is an American Pushcart Poetry Award nominee and has won the top South African Writers Circle Quill Award for his novel, ‘Strength of Ten,’ which is to be made into a motion picture. 2010 English Academy of Southern Africa poetry judge, 2011 English academy of Southern Africa Gold Medal proposal. Three of his poems were chosen to represent South Africa at the Dec 2010 World Poetry Festival in Canada.

Translated into Spanish, Romanian, Hindi and French, read on radio in Argentina and Puerto Rico. Published in Fullosia Press, A Hudson View, Labyrinth, Convorbini Literare, Seventh Quarry Press, Nord Literar, Axiom, World Anthology Of Love Poetry, Crossroads Of The Century, Sailing Through The Mists Of Time, Across The Long Bridge, Journeys, Skyline, Episteme, Unbreaking The Rainbow, Tonight, Trainstorm.

SCUBA diver, sky diver, fisherman, photographer, he writes from the many varied facets of his full and adventurous life.