Poems by Chitra Lele

Chitra Lele


Worthy wings flutter
Through the pearly mist
Of a flash of blue
To show me the way forward.

Flapping their fine feathers,
They bless me with a beacon
Of light and hope,
Which will help me to heal and cope.

A glint of golden sun
Peers through the ruffled plume
To shine on that pure place
Where I can build my nest.

The pious plumage
Arched across the blue bale,
Fills my core with charismatic colors
And paints the world canvass.

The cool majestic crest
Ignites a scintillating spark
That shines all the way
From below to the home above.

Flocking through shadow and sun,
They are my free verse
And I follow their rhythmic meter
So that I can be as free as a flying bird.


The sublime summit
Beckons me to scale new heights
For which my inhibition, I need to overcome it.

The mystic mountain
Towering over all
Guides me to the knowledge fountain.

To climb to the top of the world
Is my divine destiny.
My dreams, both old and new, get unfurled.

As the mountain looms large
Over my mortal edges, I take charge
To crown my life peaks with a recharge.

I sit with you and as the fog you lift
I dart through the mist of mystery
To be showered with layers of light.

My mountain valley
Sings me a swansong
So that I can reach the glorious finale.