Three poems by Iulia Gherghei

Iulia Gherghei
So that is how winter starts

A puddle sipped
All the clouds

And now
both frozen
We let the dawn slide by
Only breaths

My vapours and yours
in the yellow light of the bus
Will be close friends
till the next stop

A puddle sipped
all the clouds
A sharded sky snowed them back on us

Anticipating winter 

Already tired,
even if the sun is bright
and this day seems harmless

A huge darkness accumulates inside me
like the sharp tongue of a thaw
harsh winds are rolling my thoughts

A storm feeds her central eye with my light
the sun can't penetrate this armour
and due to this pressure difference, tears turn to snow

In between

Sick and tired of plastic figure heroes
That fill my TV screen
A whole bunch showing off their muscle
Like a striptease show though the shinny bar is missing
I take a plunge into the closer realm
Where men have long faces
Wrinkles like knives cuts
Smell of bitter sweat and alcohol
All in a cloud of smoke electrified by anger
Pretty much like a plasma
A TV plasma
And now I smile
Free to watch the super hero further
And sincerely pity the ordinary one
No matter if the show is on the walls of the cave or behind me
I am stuck in between so
At least to enjoy it