Flash fiction by Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova


‘Let’s sleep my dear’– saying that, mother was about to turn the light off.
‘Mom! Don’t turn the light off, please! I am scared of the darkness!’–said a blind son.


At sixteen: If only I had a handsome boyfriend!
At twenty: If only I had a smart boyfriend!
At twenty-five: If only I had a rich boyfriend!
At thirty: If only I had someone…


I was young. I used to believe in Santa Claus and his gifts. Getting older, I found it very hard to believe that it was a myth. I didn’t want to believe. Then one day I told my 4-year-old son:
‘If you stay nice, Santa will bring gifts for you!’
He said:
‘Mom, Santa is a mythical figure, are you a child?’


First, mother glides her child in a cradle.
Then, child shifts his mother’s coffin.
This is the bitter and eternal truth of life.


He used books in different ways. He used it for firing the oven. Wrapped and put some nuts while working. Used as a weapon against flies. Made a ‘airplane’ model for his children. Cleaned windows. Even used in toilets…
But never read it even once.


‘I want a virgin and decent girl to get married!’ – He said to his aunts. They easily found one, who was also looking for a decent man.
So they went for first dating.
‘You?!’ – Both shocked looking at each other.


“Tomorrow I will go to see my mother!”
He thinks everyday…


‘Why do you always make mistakes in your life? When are you going to live without faults?’
‘Sorry… I won’t do them in my next life. This is my first life…’

‘Why all my daughters are unhappy?’ – Father was mourning every day.
But, he was not able to remember all women he cheated on them.


‘I promise you, I will not drink alcohol anymore! My real and last promise’ - Husband told her wife, vibrating his body.
Wife trusted his thousandth promise again…


‘What was your happiest moment in your life?’
‘It was nine months until my birth. I was living happily under my mom’s heart…’

Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova,