Author Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin (Italy), where in 2007, she founded, with Aeronwy Thomas, the Art-literary Movement: Immagine & Poesia.

Lidia’s passion for creative writing has motivated her to write poetry and she has become an award winning poet since 2011.

Her writing has been translated into different languages and published in Poetry Reviews and on web-sites in Italy, Great Britain, USA, Israel, Romania, France, South Korea, India, Vietnam.

Her debut poems collection “Immagine & Poesia – The Movement in Progress” was published in New York by Cross-Cultural Communications (August 2013).

“Sunset in a cup” (Edizioni Esordienti E-book,Torino, 2017) is  her second poems collection.
After visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010, Lidia was inspired to create installations similar to Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, hanging poems and original art cards on the trees.  Lidia Chiarelli’s “Poetry&Art Trees” thus began to appear in different exhibitions in Italy and abroad.