Tremors Shake My Life: Poetry

by Rameshwer Singh

Speeding my car on a busy and bustling road
Skyscrapers floating by
Amidst white cotton clouds in the blue sky,
Everybody seems in fast forward mode
I reach my fifty floor Towers complex.

My luxurious office on twenty seventh floor
I enter my cabin with brisk steps.
Glancing over the schedule chart
Placed on my mega table,
Ordering for a cup of steaming coffee
I settle down on my kingly chair.

This morning
I did not reciprocate my smiling wife
I was in a hurry.
Even did not plant
A kiss on the forehead of my two year old son
I was in a hurry,yes!

Aroma of coffee
Caresses my nasal senses
I sign on a long pending deal
Priding myself in the power of my mark.

Sipping I look outside office window.
Blue sky and playing clouds
And a small silver streak of a river
Flowing through the city
Seem lost in the
Multiple colour buildings and monuments
Spreading like endless ocean,
Vibrant colour vehicles gliding smoothly.

Suddenly my cup starts trembling.
Am I feeling fatigue due to mindless running.
But no!
Everything on my table, my chair
Start shaking as rumbling getting louder.
Before I realize what the thunder is all about
I see roof shaking vigorously
And collapsing over me.
Shrieks of panic calling me from outside
I remember myself manage safe under the table
Before falling unconscious.

My eyes opening slowly
I regain consciousness
Finding myself in a tiny space under my table.
My whole spacious cabin nowhere standing
I under my table
Barely breathing for life.

By a stream of light falling inside
I could peep though
A hole amongst crumbled debris of my cabin wall .

I look outside
Shattered and fallen buildings,
Broken poles, ploughed monuments,
Collided vehicles,torn roads,
Grey dust spewed thick and wide.

But blue sky,
White clouds
And the silver river
Now more visible.

I feel my lips getting drier,
I need some water
My cup of coffee spilled on the floor
My breaths getting shallow.

It is getting blurred every second
I remember my wife and her lovely smile
I remember my son and his giggles.

I hear voices outside searching for me.
If I survive
I will live life to
Love more.
I will stay a minute more for others!
Endeavour for beautifying my Earth
Maintaining its
Happy blue sky,swirling white clouds
Green flora,vibrant fauna,
Cool icebergs of mighty mountains
Flowing silver,green, blue rivers!
Only if I and rest of the World survive!

Don`t go deep inside river!
I tell my son
Sitting on a river bank
With my wife
Under a beautiful blue sky,
Scattered white clouds
Overlooking green and white mountains,
Whole universe watching!

Rameshwer Singh is a busy medical professional based in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. A sensitive surgeon with artistic hands, he straddles the medical and poetic realms in a smooth manner. His poetry in English and Hindi reveals a heart that cares for suffering humanity, understands the nonverbal language of pain and loss, is full of empathy for humanity and takes delight in nature---hallmark of great writing everywhere, every era. His actions and words give succour to patients and readers both. You feel the presence of nobility in a crass age.

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  1. Beautiful poem that expresses the uncertainty and unpredictability of life!!
    Congrats Dr. Rameshwar Singh!


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