Poems by Ana Luisa Martínez

Ana Luisa Martinez
(Selected by the poet from the book Tatuajes)

antithesis of the surrounding
and the realities manifested by them 
consent a big fault:
to conceive a tsunami
of the unwavering

there will come words
with the sweetness of their tracks
to speak to flowers undressed by others’ hands

words flooding
the deadlock point
in the second before the darkness of the night
dulled in the fluid of the mouth

words born
in the ruins of the silence
to be weaved into the memory
of some mud-androids
macerated by the lines of a blank paper
that dazzle

words decrypting
a farewell of no time
for we are seduced by them
by anticipation

just words
still splashed by the anger  
of Prometeo

From no port

I ran away
from the angel of the wind
from the hands that drew my name
with braids of smoke
in a hurry

Unfastened I became
From the hearts that harmonize
with the obsession and the reasoning
From flaps that fog the meaning of the falls
that stationed in the center of my life
From adoration sores due to nobody

These precepts are not stitched with whispers

There you have those who I no longer perceive:
Mothers with milkless breasts
Nightlife men
Or women who - in the line of the restlessness-
their ovaries conceal

Emergent from no one’s port
towards others I departed
where my femininity
is an inexpressible material

World’s outline

The world with instincts
struck down by the breeze
Resonate its walls
but no one hears
the hum
of the stones

It dances airstreams
that leaf through the wind
between pauses

The world- gangrening the ache
of not being able to surrender-
submits itself to the mist of a story
that laughs at it every day.

This land -macerated by the time-
is stubborn!
Even if it has to suffer the atonement
-in a sip of its own core-
the other side of the truth

The world – that by its overtiredness
is believed to be in decline-
peals its uterus- open for centuries -
to leave free
the indices of the masters
disguised as GOD.


In the darkroom
the curtain draws open to reveal the space
where poetry is an ongoing presence
Jewels rain down
like a band of cheerful asterisks
The mountains imprison
the whimsical day

On this path’s reverse
Art sways in its cradle
A song of grace grows to cures
Among an embroidery of clouds
a soul with a name is conceived

Way beyond the skin
-where a fire nests without smoke-
bordering on ecstasy

overflows the twilights

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