Poetry: Vijay Kumar Roy

Vijay Kumar Roy

A Garden of Bliss 

A garden of bliss
Having fragrance
of varied flowers –
soul-soothing –
brings me close
to embrace all cultures,
scriptures, races and religions
teaching life-long lessons
of love, peace and brotherhood
that is the sum-total
of all attainable knowledge
less material, more ethereal
that I longed since my childhood.

What more a life can give to me?
Wherever I stay, it becomes
the same garden
giving me the same bliss
that cannot be usurped
by those who have two-three faces
and busy in boasting and blustering.

All bigots are busy in their tireless jobs
but the shelter of this garden
proves to be untouched, unaffected
by their words and actions
that usually affect millions and millions
resulting in numerous bloodbaths.

From Cheers to Tears 

Pure altruism engendered cheers
With love, amity and sanctity 
But its rivals increased in great numbers
And broke its hands and legs
And gave premature birth to a virus
That spread in the entire world.

That virus strengthened its roots in hypocrisy
To prove itself the best
And the holiest in the world,
But it resulted in inhuman practices
Unbelievable, unacceptable, unpardonable
By both – the Creator and His creations.

Boasting is nothing but a symptom
Of an incurable disease
Spread by this unnatural virus
Created to divide the humanity
To play with flesh and blood
And believe in ‘fair is foul’.

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes, o, blind followers!
Reread the messages of your book
Rethink about the path you follow
God has given you the eyes to see others smile
And wipe the tears of your reach
Forget that what hurts others
Follow that what gratifies others 
Avoid that what widens the gap
Between you and your brothers
The world is yours if you love it for others
Who has seen heaven and hell?
Who has come back from there?
Experienced heaven and hell are better
Than the unseen ones for which you quarrel.


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