Two Exciting Literary Journals: A Review of Phenomenal Literature and Verbal Art

Rob Harle
by Rob Harle, Nimbin – Australia

I am constantly being made aware of the appearance of new journals in the literature genre. Some start out with great energy, enthusiasm and promise then fade away just as dramatically. Others come into being more slowly, with careful planning and realistic expectations.

I believe the following three requirements are needed to make a new academic style journal successful: (1) the backing by a reputable, experienced and solid publisher or institution; (2) an experienced and committed group of executive editors; and (3) an expressed aim of combing traditional quality with the courage to experiment with new material, forms  and genres.

The two journals I wish to discuss in this brief review fulfil these three factors perfectly. Phenomenal Literature: A Global Journal Devoted to Language and Literature and Verbal Art: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets and Poetry were launched in 2013 after a long and thoughtful gestation. Both journals are published by the long standing, highly respected and vastly experienced publishing house – Authorspress, New Delhi, India. I can make this claim from my own personal experience in dealing with Authorspress over a number of years. Having edited, written content, and advised editorially numerous publications with them, and had my own work published by them. This gives these two journals a good solid foundation which can weather the vicissitudes, trends and economic changes which happen regularly in a stable secure manner.

Secondly, the chief editor Dr Vivekanand Jha is a highly experienced and skilled editor, writer and academic. He has added a select group of equally experienced specialist editors to the team he leads. I first became aware of Vivekanand when I was asked to review a major publication, The Dance of the Peacock (Hidden Book Press, 2013). Vivekanand performed the monumental task of creating and editing this huge collection of Indian-English poetry. Over 150 poets are represented, this book will no doubt become a standard reference work on the subject. Further I have had the pleasure of publishing his own poetry in anthologies I have edited including Voices Across The Ocean (Cyberwit, 2014) and Voices Across Generations (Authorspress, 2014).

Thirdly the traditional, important qualities of good proofreading/copy-editing, excellence in layout and in-depth scholarship are essential characteristics of the journals. These are combined with state-of-the-art websites, internet communication and interaction, and the desire of the editors to publish challenging and avant-garde work.

Verbal Art: A Global Journal Devoted To Poets and Poetry is a biannual print journal devoted to poets, poetry, poetry criticism, reviews and interviews with established poets. “Our primary purpose is to set a vehicle of emotion and feelings for poets and poetry in English and poetry translated into English from any languages.”  It is also “...committed to promote talented, amateur and young poets amid an aura and ambience of established poets by browsing and exploring thought-provoking innovation and hidden talents in the cerebrum of the poetic world.” I consider this aspect of the journal very important, many talented beginner poets have gone unrecognised because long established, stale old journals only publish known or well recognised poets, many of whose work lacks the raw vitality of the younger poets who still have some “fire in the belly”!

Further, the objective of the journal is, “ open the world of printed words to the makers of poems both old and new, and to open the world of poetry to all who care to look at the beauty that a well wrought poem is.”

Phenomenal Literature: A Global Journal Devoted To Language and Literature is a biannual print journal devoted to language, literature and creative writing. “We welcome and publish extracts of novels, poetry, short stories, drama, plays, translations, book reviews, interviews, critical/academic/research articles, essays, biographies, memoirs and travelogues.” “Our primary goal is to display a unique spectrum of humanity and social sciences produced by variegated colours, wavelengths and frequencies of language, literature and creative writings in English”. Phenomenal Literature, “... has set a global stage for characterizing dynamic, vibrant and versatile authors and academicians, playing their parts in advancing the plot of literary scenes of sublime thoughts, themes and diction in front of traditional and electronic spectators”.

After all the hard work and organisation it will be gratifying and well-deserved for the editors and publishers of these journals, as they grow to maturity, to see the contents  cross-referenced and cited in other quality global journals. Please visit the journal’s respective websites for submission details and further information regarding the editorial team and subscription.

It will most certainly be a mutually rewarding experience to both submit your writing work to either of these journals, and also subscribe and enjoy the work of fellow poets, writers and contemporary thinkers.

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