Translation: French Poetry

French Poem by Julien Julius Cauchois
Translated by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon


regarde ce champignon
atomisé et les grands ne se parlent pas
regarde ce tournesol
saute en l'air
regarde cet arbre et ce gros gland
qui bat l'beurre de sa sœur assise sur son smartphone
regarde le lion regarde la brebis en laine de synthèse
rugir avant la mue le lion La brebis b'aura pas d'applaudi-bis
regarde l'ourson en laisse Écoute la musique délavées
à la liesse de la mini Reine kraft beige et pépites brillant
regarde en face d'elles eu eux aveuglés de projecteurs et de flashs
les yeux endormis des assis impatients d'applaudir et du repaire
regarde bien qui attendent la fin
c'est le futur mignon chez les enfants
de ce que les adultes ont déjà oublié

on applaudit les enfants en tâtant dans la poche
si le paquet de blondes est encore contigu au briquer Bic
et déjà le tiers de la salle s'est esquivé
pour s'enfuir avec la mi-fierté de son propre petit acteur muet

l'institutrice remercie dans le vide
enrouée de tant de travail usée pour ces us et coutume
et démonstration convenue
les enfants joyeux mêlées d'amertumes
je regarde ces enfants briller
je les aimes
ils ne sont pas les miens
pourtant ils sont ce que j'aime
Ils font le chemin de croix d'un spectacle délaissé et condamné d'avance
Ils font le chemin de ce que nous devrions nous les grands

pourquoi les adultes sont si durs et pensent au concret
des choses matérielles qui ressemblent à de l'inutilité

Julien Julius Cauchois - 27 novembre 2017
Live Performance at Primary School
(Primary School Show)
look at this atomic mushroom
and elders who don’t speak
look at this sunflower
springing  in the air
look at this tree and big oak nut
rejecting indiscreet questions on his smartphone
look at the lion, look at the sheep with synthetic wool
roaring in front of the silent lion the sheep’s bleating
got no applause again
look at the leashed teddy bear Listen to the fading music
of  little Queen Kraft’s lyre , all off-white and shiny flakes
look how everyone is blinded by screens and flash projectors
the sleepy eyes of impatient spectators waiting for  hints to applaud
observe   those  really waiting for the end to unfold
it’s a bright future for children
a dream already forgotten by adults

we applaud the children  absent  mindedly
our minds partly focused on whether
the cigarettes and lighter are still in our pockets
and one third of the audience has already slipped away
from the hall partly proud of the latent actor in themselves

the teacher expresses votes of thanks in the void
for all the hard work and  perseverance
to bring forth the suitable performance
the happy children’s emotions blend with bitterness
I look at those children shining like bright stars
I love them
they are not mine
but those whom I love
they travel through the perilous journey of a show
already ignored in advance

they are building the paths
upon which all adults should have trodden

why are the adults so harsh and think mostly
about materialistic mundane issues that echo vainness?

Biography:  Julien Cauchois
Julien Cauchois was born on 26 May 1970 at Paris, France. 
He is married and has been living in urban regions for 34 years but now he lives in the countryside. He is a poet, author and musician. He often converts various poets’ works into lyrics and enjoys reading contemporary poetry.
Though he has many friends, he considers himself shy, hypersensitive and from time to time he feels uncomfortable with the ongoing trends of the society. He spends much time in solitude and contemplating about life.
His works have been published in various French literary magazines and he is the author of the poetry book Syntax Error published by Edilivre in 2014.
He also takes drama lessons and sings in a choir. Writing and music are for him means to fly higher, rebel and embrace his freedom. His works are versatile and spontaneous and keep captivating poetry and music lovers.
 Although being diagnosed of cancer in 2012, Julien Cauchois tries to maintain a positive attitude and lives for Arts and artistic expression.

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