Poetry by Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Sandeep Kumar Mishra

When You Buy Their Sorrow

Icy winds filled with chimney smoke
Signaled the burning of Christmas block,
When colorful lights all around gleam
The holy monks sing the merry theme,
Sacred lilies, decorative ivory, fill homes
Town to town our joyful echo roams,
Perch like a bird around the tree to sing
Listen to chorus, sweet jingle bells bring,
Meet the beloved ones you missed daily
Hug the foes; don’t let slip away easily,
Rich and poor at the same table
Do the labor but make it a fable,
Let care go some hidden place
Let love take its due space,
Drink and drown all the worry
No one seems alone or in hurry,
Once you have the Christ sign in thy heart
Feeling His grace makes you Gilbert,
The God loves all in their true form
Shun the bad habits in His charm,
Time to wish all a prosperous morrow
It’s Merry Christmas when you buy their sorrow

That Nice Elderly Year

That nice elderly year
Lying on his death bed,
A fellow of our previous path
A willing caller to everyone’ longing;
His days were once lustrous
Evening, a rosy blonde,
When his hope was high
He weaved fanciful visual nights;
How he lavished his liberal hand
All the treasures in his possess?
I find his tiny traces in Apollo
Or vanishing lunar light,
As I have all praise, less to blame;
I thank God for past every moment
Love you for thy timely prick,
It’s all my choice
If I were a failure;
Now I can shun my greed and strife
As thou taught me a restful sleep,
To wake up for New Year morn
Sound in judgments,
Devoid of wasteful desire

A Cold Call

In snowy unpigmented drape
Wintry withdrawn world waits
For the warm kiss of the day;
Through the long lonely valley
The elevation blows the glacial gale
To cheer the deep and solemn solitude;
Over the bare upland, a pious sunbeam plays
When the heartless west extends its blast;
But the stormy north sings sleet,
All the field lay bound beneath
A crispy integument of snow,
It withers all in silence to expose the earth
And show its susceptible skeleton life;
I walk to crash crunch beneath my feet
See a dancing darkness in vivid blue,
In an ecstasy the earth drink
The silver lukewarm sunlight;
The beast or bird in their covert rest,
These leafless trees resemble my fate,
A lonely robin with its burning breast
Sits in subtle sweetness of the sun;
How ruby banner of poppies spread
Where the lilies fell asleep but
The rose’s hearts are beating still;
When the fresh sap of earth
Finesse the flaxen flowers;
The snowflakes swarmed in the yard
To beat the feeble window panel,
When, I step in warm chamber,
I wonder how like me
The grief worn threshold stone was?
Distorted and shivering shadows
Upon the dim lighted ceiling;
The colorless clusters of lackluster stars
Ornaments the night bride,
The lenient liquid moon
Slides through bare black branch;
A chamber corner draft swept the night stand;
The cruciform contour of winged craving
Took a fleety flash flight,
I swear to keep every sweet promise
Under a warm furry blanket
Of seed prospect,
God pity all those homeless souls

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